Monday, June 15, 2015: Announcement from President Stanley - Daylight Hour June 19

Daylight Hour: College joins campaign to turn lights off at lunchtime Friday

As we join in the global Daylight Hour campaign this Friday, June 19, I encourage all members of our college community to switch off lights in day-lit spaces on campus for one hour at noon that day.

Daylight Hour promotes the energy, cost and health benefits of using daylight when electric lighting is unnecessary. Many SUNY campuses are participating along with hundreds of organizations around the world. Using daylight is an opportunity to conserve energy, save money and promote the well-being of all of us who spend the day indoors. To learn more about Daylight Hour, please visit

The Daylight Hour campaign is in line with our college's sustainability goals, our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our participation in the U.S. College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment. It also supports our goals of operating cost efficiently and promoting a healthy living, learning and working environment.

We can add to our impact by turning off any other electrical equipment that is not needed from noon to 1 p.m. Friday.

 This campaign is voluntary and should not interfere with your planned activities and work on Friday. At the same time, our participation will help make us all more mindful of our electricity needs and consumption and more appreciative of the free energy we receive daily from the sun.

Deborah F. Stanley