Motorist assists

Assisting motorists is one of the many duties and responsibilities of University Police. 

There are a few things you can do to help us help you better.

When calling University Police for assistance, please be prepared to give the UPD dispatcher your name, the vehicle plate number, vehicle make and description, nature of the problem and the exact location of the vehicle such as the parking lot number and where in the lot the vehicle is.  For example:   “My vehicle is parked in the 2nd row from the North end, near the center in lot #11”). When you see the officer in the parking lot, give them a little wave so that they know you are the one who called.

Dead or bad battery: Portable booster packs are located at various residence hall main desks across the campus and are available to be signed out. A Portable booster pack can also be signed out at the University Police Station. Read the instructions for the booster pack use carefully. 

Vehicle lockout: UPD patrol vehicles have rudimentary vehicle lockout tools in the trunks and therefore gaining access to any one type of vehicle is not always possible. The officer assisting you may advise you that based on the make and model or some other particular circumstance regarding your vehicle, that it would be prudent to call a locksmith, tow service or auto club if you belong to one to assist you with gaining access to your vehicle.   

Generally speaking however, officers have pretty good success opening locked vehicles.

Officers assisting you with your locked vehicle will ask to see your driver’s license and registration; this is standard operating procedure. A liability waiver will also need to be signed.

Disabled Vehicles:   If your vehicle is disabled and is illegally parked or will be illegally parked if not moved by a certain time, contact University Police at 315.312.5555. An officer will meet you at your vehicle and assess whether to issue a “Disabled Vehicle” tag which permits you to leave the vehicle where it is until a certain time and date or advise you that you must remove your vehicle  from its current location immediately even if that means having the vehicle towed (snowplowing, hazardous location).   

Please be patient: Emergency calls and some other types of calls may take priority over certain motorist assists.  If you feel you have waited a reasonable amount of time, re-contact UPD, Dispatch will try to provide you with an estimated time of patrol arrival at your vehicle.  When possible Dispatch will try to re-contact you to let you know that the officer has been delayed.

UPD is often able to find solutions to problems relating to your vehicle; however we can’t help if you don’t let us know what the problem is. 

NYS University Police
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SUNY Oswego
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Phone: 315.312.5555
Fax: 315.312.2155