Registered Sororities

Alpha Delta EtaTYPE: Local
MOTTO: Courage. Loyalty. Purity. Truth.
COLORS: Purple & White
Alpha Epsilon Phi
TYPE: National
MOTTO: Many Hearts, One Purpose
COLORS: Green & White
SYMBOL: Giraffe
PHILANTROPY: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Sarsheret
Alpha Sigma Chi
TYPE: Local
COLORS: Red & White
Delta Phi Epsilon
TYPE: National
MOTTO: To Be Rather Than To Seem To Be
COLORS: Royal Purple & Pure Gold
SYMBOL: Pearl & Unicorn
PHILANTHROPY: Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Mu Sigma Upsilon
TYPE: National, Multicultural
MOTTO: Women Always United
COLORS: Baby Blue & White
SYMBOL: Amazon Women
PHILANTROPY: The Girl Effect
Omicron Xi
TYPE: Local
MOTTO: Harmony and Strength in Eternal Sisterhood
COLORS: Seagreen, White & Medium Blue
Phi Lambda Phi
TYPE: Local
COLORS: Canary Yellow & Black

Sigma Delta Tau
TYPE: National
MOTTO: One Hope of Many People
COLORS: Cafe au Lait & Old Blue
SYMBOL: Torch & Teddy Bear
PHILANTROPY: Prevent Child Abuse America
Sigma Lambda Upsilon
TYPE: National
COLORS: Gold, Black, Silver & Red
MOTTO: Hasta La Muerte (Until Death)
SYMBOL: Black Persian Cat with Gold Eyes
Phi Sigma Sigma
TYPE: National
MOTTO: Aim High
COLORS: King Blue & Gold
SYMBOL: Sphinx
PHILANTROPY: Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation