How To Join

Each chapter/council is unqiue. IFC, Panhellenic, GLWA, and Cultural Greek Council all have slightly different requirements and processes for interested students, which we call PNMs (potential new members). There is a chapter for everyone on campus and we encourage students to meet each of the chapters and find their best fit!


Students who are interested in joining a Greek Letter Organization can find information about the individual chapters in the following places:

Registered Sororities
Panhellenic Chapter Guide
Registered Fraternities
Governing Councils

GO GREEK Events in the Fall and Spring Semester
Our Need to Know Page
Student Involvement Fair


  • Student must have completed 12 credits.
  • Students must have completed one semester as a college student (on this campus or another).
  • Students must have a minimum of a 2.25 GPA. Individual chapters reserve the right to raise their GPA requirement, so please request that information if you are interested in a specific chapter!
  • Students must attend Recruitment/Rush, Pledge, or Intake events for the chapters they are interested in.


  • Informal Recruitment/Rush takes place in the Fall Semester.  SUNY Oswego leads a DEFERRED RECRUITMENT, which means we recruit most of the members of our chapter during the SPRING semester. This is when FORMAL Recruitment takes place.
  • Intake is the process of getting to know brothers and sisters and is the term used for Recruitment/Rush with many of our multicultural organizations. Intake is the meeting, interviewing, selection and education process. For more information on intake and when a certain chapter is opening for intake, please visit the Student Involvement Fair, Go Greek Events, or one of the chapter's open events!

Receiving a Bid

Once you have determined you are eligible for recruitment and start attending events hosted by the chapters you are interested in, you can receive a bid from an organization. You may only accept one bid to join an organization. Accepting a bid from a chapter means you are a NEW MEMBER!

The New Member Period

After you accept a bid you become a New Member for your chapter.  The new member period is the process of learning about the chapter, the history, the values, the symbols and artifacts, songs, pledges, and all that makes your chapter special, valuable, and unique. This process lasts between 6-8 weeks, and after your New Member period concludes you will be initiated as a brother or sister of your organization. Each initiation is special and sacred to the organization you join. 

During your new member period you will also be asked to attend mandatory educational events hosted by the Student Involvement Advisor, including, but not limited to, AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Training and New Member Meeting!  You will learn not only about your own chapter but about the Greek Community on campus!

Sign Up

Please log in to Laker Life, click on Forms, fill out  and submit Fraternity and Sorority Community FERPA Waiver.