Warren Steinkraus Lecture

This year's lecture features Pete Mandik of William Paterson University addressing “Mind, Metaphysics and the Future” at 4 pm Thursday, Oct. 6, in Marano Campus Center auditorium. His research has explored neurophilosophical explanations of phenomenal counsiousness, artificial life experiments on the evolutionary emergence of representational content. Mandik is also somewhat of a Renaussance man appearing in the New York Times with his band Quiet Karate Reflex, co-hosting a podcast called “Space Time Mind” and pursuing artistic endeavors that include his painting “Exomusicology” appearing on the book cover of a philosophy colleague. Learn more

Established in 1988, the Warren Steinkraus Lecture on Human Ideals honors an active member and co-founder of several professional philosophical societies by bringing an engaging thinker and speaker to campus every year. Steinkraus, who passed away in 1990, was associate editor of the philosophy journal Idealistic Studies and personally committed to ideals such as social justice, equality, peace, nonviolence and aesthetic quality.

The Oswego College Foundation manages an endowment created by donations from Steinkraus’ many friends and admirers to fund the not-for-profit educational series.

Past Speakers

J.D. Trout
"Explanation, Truthiness, and the False Climb to Knowledge"
Dr. Pete Mandik
"Mind, Metaphysics and the Future"
Dr. Jonathan Riley
Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Mill’s Political Philosophy and American Ideals

Dr. Mark Wicclair
Conscientious Objection in Health Care: Deciding When to Accommodate Health Professionals

Dr. Heather Douglas
Ideals For Responsible Science in Democratic Societies

Dr. Peter Carruthers
Is Self-Knowledge Special? The Case Against

Dr. Gary Varner
Personhood, Ethics, & Animal Cognition

Dr. Udo Schuklenk
Doing Clinical Trials in Developing Countries Ethically

Dr. Barbara Forrest
Inside Creationism's Trojan Horse

Dr. Cristina Bicchierri
Do As They Do NOT As They Say: The Conditional Status of Norms

Dr. Martha Nussbaum
Radical Evil in Liberal Democracies

Dr. Margaret Gilbert
The Morality of Obedience

Dr. Henry Shue
Superpower Accountability

Dr. James Robert Brown
Community of Science

Dr. Steven Lee
Just War Theory in the 21st Century

Dr. Howard McGary
Achieving Democratic Equality: Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Reparations

Dr. Owen Flanagan
Minds, Morals & the Meaning of Life