Studying philosophy develops our ability to make sense of our lives, our surroundings and ourselves by immersing us in the most basic and exciting questions that human beings confront: What things are really important? What sort of society should we have? What is the difference between right and wrong? What is the difference between sound judgements and foolish opinions? What is the purpose of human life? What things are most real? Learn more


By combining study at the crossroads of these two disciplines of fundamental importance, the program opens more doors than a degree in philosophy or psychology alone. Unique in New York state, this demanding interdisciplinary major encompasses both disciplines and how they interrelate, synthesizing two different perspectives of human understanding. The program culminates in a senior seminar in which you’ll be encouraged to integrate your perspectives on both areas of study and present your insights. Learn more



Logic is the study of good reasoning.  Students pursuing the minor in logic gain skills that are useful in any discipline, but especially helpful for computer science, mathematics, or any discipline where rigorous reasoning is required.  Students also study interesting philosophical issues in logic, such as the foundations of mathematics, the limits of reason, and the nature of infinity.

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