Special event parking information

Accessing the SUNY Oswego campus for hockey game nights
Patrons visiting SUNY Oswego on ice hockey game nights should access the campus from Route 104 and Sweet Road (main entrance).

Parking for game nights will be available in parking lots marked with yellow sandwich board signs indicating "Event Parking".  Parking permits will not be required for visitors attending the games.  Lots available for community guests will be Lot 6, Lot 18, Lot 30, Lot 8, Lot 15, and Lot 32.  See downloadable Special Events Parking Map (PDF 213KB).    

Centro buses make loops around the campus on a regular basis. See Campus shuttle schedule.                      

Resident student lots are reserved for on campus students. Patrons should not park in these areas unless their vehicle has a resident student permit valid for this year. These lots will be signed as Reserved for Resident Student Parking Only. Also, parking in fire lanes, loading docks, campus roadways, parking-prohibited city and county streets or handicapped areas without a legal permit is prohibited.

Parking is available for persons with special medical needs in every parking lot. Those with a valid handicapped permit may park in any numbered lot in addition to designated Handicapped parking.

Persons with disabilities seeking accommodations to attend these events should call 315.312.3056 in advance.