Appeal questions

If you have questions that you need an answer to, email

Considering appealing a ticket?  The following reasons are not typically
accepted as valid grounds for violating parking regulations.

  • I never got the ticket.
  • Lack of knowledge of parking regulations.
  • Only parked a few minutes.
  • Lot was full.
  • Was late/weather was bad.
  • Had my flashers on.
  • Other vehicles parked without a proper permit.
  • No sign saying I can't park here.
  • Someone else was using my car.
  • Picking up/dropping off friends/books/labs, etc.
  • No money to pay the fine.

I am in a handicap space and I have NYS handicap permit.
Every vehicle parked on campus at anytime and anywhere, needs to have a valid SUNY Oswego parking permit to park on campus. To park in a handicap space, you need to have both a parking permit from Parking Services and a handicap permit.

I have a parking permit, but not for the vehicle I am driving today.
Every vehicle parked on campus needs a valid parking permit.  If you have purchased a permit for one vehicle and need to drive a different vehicle for that day, stop in at Parking Services and obtain a temporary pass
for that vehicle.  If you change vehicles, bring in the current sticker to be exchanged for a valid permit for your new vehicle and pay the registration fee for the change.  It is illegal to take a valid permit off of one vehicle and place it on another vehicle.

I am on official university business.
Any vehicle parked on campus at any time and anywhere must have a valid SUNY Oswego parking permit displayed on it regardless of what the purpose is for your visit on campus.  The registered owner of a car will be held responsible for any parking tickets.

Driving a vehicle with no parking permit? Persistent violator?
Upon the receipt of more than two citations for the violation of being "unregistered" in the same academic year, customers accessing the appeals process are no longer eligible for a determination of "guilty, fine waived." Customers having received more than two violations for the offense of being unregistered within the same academic year may still appeal citations as long as they do so in a timely manner.  Possible outcomes under these circumstances will be "not guilty" or "guilty."

Customers receiving more than five (5) citations within the same academic calendar year are not eligible for a determination of "guilty, fine waived" as a result of the appeals process.  Possible outcomes in this circumstance are "not guilty" or "guilty."

Appeal procedure
Anyone who receives a SUNY Oswego parking citation has the right to request an appeal of the fine to the hearing officer within two business days of the date of the citation.   After that time frame if no request has  been received at this office, the citation becomes outstanding (payable).   Appeal forms will contain all of the pertinent available information regarding the customer's account to provide a basis for the hearing officer to make a fair decision regarding the appealed citation.