Travel and Early Arrival

Questions on how to get to campus and other information? We have answers! We try to make Orientation as easy as possible and offer multiple convenient options while traveling to campus.

On-Campus Early Arrival Accommodations

Summer Orientation

Cost: $25 per person
Includes: 1 additional night of lodging in an air-conditioned, on-campus residence hall room
Students and guests in need of lodging the evening before their Orientation program may request an additional night of accommodation when registering for an Orientation program.

Please note: Meals are not provided, but a list of on-campus dining hours and locations will be made available to you in your check-in email and when you arrive.

Winter Orientation

During our winter programs we cannot offer on-campus accommodations. However, you can view a list of local accommodations.

Orientation Express Bus

If you are a First Year Student and live downstate or in the New York metro area, you can catch a ride to campus with our Orientation Express Bus!

Dates available

First year programs only

  • July 1 - 2 (departure July 1)
  • July 18 - 19 (departure July 18)
  • July 23 - 24 (departure July 23)


In addition to your Orientation fee
Your ticket includes:

  • Direct transportation to/from SUNY Oswego
  • Lunch on your arrival day
  • Dinner on your departure day.

More Information

Departure and Arrival Information

To SUNY Oswego
6am on first day of Orientation, SUNY College of Optometry (33 West 42nd Street, New York, NY); arrives at SUNY Oswego by lunch

5pm on final day of Orientation, SUNY Oswego; arrives at the SUNY College of Optometry that evening

Reservation and Payment

Please call or email our office to make your reservation for the Orientation Express Bus.
(315) 312-5522 or

Students: The Orientation Express Bus fee will be charged to the student's account (tuition bill) along with the Orientation fee.

Guests: The Orientation Express Bus fee must be paid online (in Step 3: Register for Orientation) prior to the bus' departure.

Is there a limit to the number of guests per student that can ride the Orientation Express Bus?

Due to limited seating on the Orientation Express Bus, each student may reserve a space for themselves and one guest. One week before the program, we will open the remaining number of seats to guests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What if I have already registered for Orientation with more than one guest?

If you would like to utilize the Orientation Express Bus as your means of transportation to-and-from Orientation, and have already registered with more than one guest, we will issue a refund for each guest over your first guest.

Any refunds require a $10 processing fee per refund, as noted in the disclaimer at the time of registration.

Shuttle Service for Summer Orientation Programs

Our office provides a free, limited shuttle service for students and guests traveling to SUNY Oswego the evening before their scheduled Orientation program and/or departure from their completed Orientation experience.

Students and guests traveling the evening before their program must register for Early Arrival accommodations ($25 per person).

Arrival Schedule

Shuttle One Pick-up
5pm: Syracuse International Airport
5:15pm: Walsh Regional Transportation Center

Shuttle Two Pick-up
7pm: Syracuse International Airport
7:15pm: Walsh Regional Transportation Center

Shuttle Three Pick-up
9pm: Syracuse International Airport
9:15pm: Walsh Regional Transportation Center

Departure Schedule

Departure Shuttle
4pm: leaves SUNY Oswego
5pm: arrives at Syracuse International Airport
5:15pm: arrives at Walsh Regional Transportation Center


Please call our office at 315-312-5522 or email us at Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Student's name
  • Number of guests traveling (including the student)
  • Pick-up location (for Arrival Shuttle)
  • Airline/train/bus line and scheduled arrival time
  • Drop-off location (for Departure Shuttle)
  • Airline/train/bus line and scheduled departure time

Please note:

  • We do not transport students and guests to/from local accommodations.
  • The shuttles do not leave until the scheduled time; no earlier or later shuttles are available.