New Student Orientation FAQs

What should I bring to a program?

  • Advanced Placement verification (if you have earned AP credit)
  • Transcript of college coursework
  • Comfortable clothing and footwear
  • A tote bag to carry your programs materials and important paperwords

 When will I register for classes?

All new and incoming students are pre-registered for their courses by a faculty or staff advisor prior to attending Orientation.  You will meet with an advisor to confirm or make changes to your course schedule.

When can I register for my choice of orientation session?

Our system will be ready on November 5, 2018.

How will I know whether or not I got my choice of orientation session?

You will receive a confirmation through your Oswego email account.

Why haven't I received information about the Orientation programs yet? 

The first wave of invitations to Orientation will be mailed out starting in November to all students who have paid their $100 tuition deposit.  Subsequent mailings will be sent out on a weekly basis thereafter.

Is there a New Student Orientation fee?
All new transfer students are charged a transfer orientation fee which is placed on their fall tuition bill. 

Can I bring guests with me to the program?
Yes, we offer a family and guest Orientation program for your guests to attend.  Some sessions are with students, and others are guest-only.

Can I stay overnight on-campus during a one day program?  

That depends... if you are living on-campus for the Spring 2019 semester, you should plan to attend the January 25 Orientation program. You'll move in to your spring residence hall assignment on Thursday, January 24, 2019, before attending the Orientation program the following day. 

If you come to the January 18 Orientation program, we cannot offer any on-campus accommodations. You can, however, find a comprehensive list of local accommodations here

What should I wear to Orientation? Dress is casual at Orientation.  Although you may wish to have a sweater or jacket as you may find some meeting areas chilly. 

When can I move into my residence hall?
New students can move into their residence halls on Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 9 am. 

Will I be able to tour my assigned residence hall that I will live in this spring?                                                                                             

If you attend Orientation on January 18, unfortunately, no.  Most residence halls are occupied by current students.  The remaining residence halls are being prepared for spring occupancy.  However, information regarding the room dimensions and layout can be found online on the Residence Life and Housing webpage.

When do spring classes begin?
Check the college calendar for important dates, including when classes begin, end, and are canceled.

How can I find out available majors and requirements for majors at Oswego? 
Visit our Oswego majors page.

Where can I read about the courses available at Oswego?
Check out our course search tool.

How can I find out about clubs and organizations at Oswego?
Check out clubs and organizations on Laker Life!

Does Oswego offer Service Learning?
Yes! See our service learning opportunities pages.

Does Oswego offer internship opportunities?
Absolutely! See our Center for Experiential Learning section.

Where can I find out important dates and deadlines?
You can find them on our college calendar page.