Returning Student Arrival Bus

We know getting to campus for move-in day can be stressful! Let us help get you here safely! 
Returning students may elect to take the Returning Student Arrival Bus, an express bus departing from SUNY College of Optometry (midtown Manhattan) to SUNY Oswego on Saturday, August 21, 2021. The bus departs at 6:30 AM, sharp and arrives at Oswego before Noon. 

Returning Student Rider Information

How do I know if I am a returning or new student?

Returning students have previously matriculated at SUNY Oswego and will be returning to campus after completing at least one semester at SUNY Oswego in the fall 2020 or spring 2021 academic year. 

New students are matirculating at SUNY Oswego for the first time and have not completed academic coursework in the fall 2020 or spring 2021 semesters. 

This bus is for RETURNING STUDENTS, only. New Students should visit our New Student Arrival Bus webpage. 

Baggage Information

All student riders are allowed two suitcases and one carry-on. 

  • Carry-On Bag: Must fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you; cannot exceed 25 pounds. 
  • Suitcases: The maximum size per suitcase is 62 inches (lenght + width + height); cannot exceed 60 pounds per suitcase. 
Securing a Move-In Time Slot

All riders on the Returning Student Arrival Bus must reserve a 1 pm EST move-in time slot on Saturday, August 21, 2021, using the website. Time slots can be reserved beginning August 1 - August 6, 2021. 

New Student Orientation is not responsible for reserving a move-in time slot for students who ride this bus service. Failure to register for a 1 pm time slot on Saturday, August 21, 2021 may result in delayed access to your residence hall upon arrival. 

If you have questions, please contact our office at (315) 312-5522. 

Boarding & Departure Information

Departure Date & Time:
This bus is available on Saturday, August 21, 2021, only
The bus leaves promptly at 6:30 AM. Please arrive by 6 AM to load your belongings on the bus. 

Departure Location:
SUNY Optometry 
33 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

SUNY Optometry is located directly across the street from Bryant Park between 5th and 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas). 
We will be riding a West Point Tours bus. Please look for an Oswego staff member (wearing green and gold) to welcome you to the bus. 

Arrival Time:
We expect to arrive at SUNY Oswego by Noon on Saturday, August 21, 2021. 

How to Register

To reserve your seat on the Returning Student Arrival Bus, please complete this Registration Form.

If you have questions, contact the Office of New Student Orientation at (315) 312-5522 or email us at

Seats are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. 

To accomodate safe social distancing, only 28 seats are available on the bus. The registration will cut-off at 28 reserved seats and transition to a waitlist. If you are placed on the waitlist, you will be notified when a seat becomes available for you. If no seats are available at least 5 business days before departure, you will be notified so you can make aletrnate travel arrangements. 

Cost & Payment

The cost is $75 per ticket. Payment is due within 2 business days of your return to campus (by Tuesday, August 24.) You can pay in cash or check, only, at the Office of New Student Orientation, 145 Marano Campus Center. Failure to pay may result in suspension of future riding privlieges. 

Room Needs

This bus does not provide a trip to the local Walmart. Students who need to visit a store for additional room needs may choose to use public transportation or local taxi services. 

Tips for a Smooth Ride

Our team has compiled a list of tips for you to consider when preparing for your ride. We have also made several very important considerations to promote the health and well-being of our riders in light of Covid 19. 

  • All seats are unassigned, but we will need to document where you are sitting once you've boarded; all riders will sit one to a row. 
  • The bus is deep-cleaned prior to riders boarding for the trip. 
  • Be on time. We will leave promptly at 6:30 AM, but please arrive by 6 AM to load your belongings on the bus. 
  • All riders will need to maintain social distancing standards and wear appropriate PPE while on the bus.
  • Brings snacks for the ride up; the bus will not make stops to limit exposure and ensure you get enough time to check-in.
  • Consider shipping items directly to your residence halls instead of bringing them with you items such as lamps etc.
  • Please check your SUNY Oswego email three days before our trip to receive your boarding email. Riders will not be permitted on the bus without their boarding email. This process is contactless, so please bring the email with your boarding pass.