Orientation On-Air

Orientation On-Air is a student-narrated podcast highlighting many facets of campus life and the new student transition. Join our hosts as they welcome guests from Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Campus Life, and more. 

What is Orientation?

Orientation is required of all new, incoming students studying in a main campus degree program. Alyssa Steele, Coordinator of New Student Orientation, joins host Andrew Nimetz '20 and former Laker Leader Captain Emily Ziemba '20 to discuss the summer orientation experience. 

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Campus Life & Student Involvement

Listen in as host Andrew Nimetz '20 and Michael Paestella, Assistant Director of Campus Life, discuss ways to engage with clubs, organizations, and intramural athletics on campus. 

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Living On & Off-Campus

Sarah Pasquarelli, Residence Hall Director of Johnson Hall, joins host Andrew Nimetz '20 to discuss our residency requirement and tips & tricks to living on-campus. 

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Paying the Bill (Financial Aid & Student Accounts)

Peg Lloyd, Director of Student Accounts, and Jennie Hoffman, Associate Director of Financial Aid, join host Andrew Nimetz '20 to discuss how students can view and accept their financial aid package and the best ways to access and pay the bill.

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