Guest reviews

"Felt very good after our visit today.  Everyone was very welcoming and helpful." - Family Member, Summer 2017

"I had a very positive experience learning about what SUNY Oswego has to offer its students.  I did not expect an orientation program for transfer students would be comprehensive.  Everyone who lead and participated in the discussion groups were well informed and thoughtful." - Family Member, Summer 2017

"All OPA and Laker Leaders were exceptional.  Presenters were prepared, knowledgeable and good presenters.  I feel my son made a great decision and the staff and faculty seem caring and supportive.  Thank you!" - Family Member, Summer 2017

"I could not be happier about my student's decision to come to SUNY Oswego." - Family Member, Summer 2017

"It's my first time in Oswego and I love it.  The environment is great.  I know my daughter will enjoy it and I will love coming to visit her.  Thank you very much for this opportunity." - Family Member, Summer 2017

"Very confident in my student's abilities to be successful.  Oswego will ensure that my student utilizes those abilities and grow." - Family Member, Summer 2017

"Well done.  It was clear to me that a lot of time and effort went into making your orientation effective." - Family Member, Summer 2017