Guest reviews

"It was very informative and gave me a better overall feeling about the commitment staff has to student success." - Guest, Summer 2016

"Students and staff were very helpful beyond what they needed to be, more importantly that it mattered to them that our experience went well." - Parent, Summer 2016

"Excellent and thorough orientation experience.  My quiet and shy daughter stated today that she wished she didn't have to go home!  Thank you!" - Parent, Summer 2016

"Thank you for all the effort and time it must have taken to provide such a wonderful orientation experience.  My son is feeling comfortable and excited about being here and that's all I need." - Parent, Summer 2016

"Great orientation program.  Information was well presented; speakers were overall engaging; and I was very satisfied with how much was covered.  3rd child in college - BEST ORIENTATION.  Thank you" - Parent, Summer 2016

"This was one of the best use of parent's time and we were so happy to leave feeling we understand all we need to know.  Thank you." - Parent, Summer 2016

"Great experience.  Staff is very welcoming and look forward to our daughter's future at Oswego." - Parent, Summer 2016

"I thought the workshops were well presented.  The staff was knowledgeable and pleasant.  I am more confident about my son coming here." - Parent, Summer 2016