Guest FAQs

What overnight accommodations are available for family and guests? Family members and guests have the option to stay on campus in a residence hall, single or double occupancy rooms.  Parents bringing a younger sibling as a guest can also request to have an extra mattress brought into their room.  Off campus accommodations are also available as well by clicking here.

How do we get to campus if we travel by plane, bus or train?  
For detailed information on traval arrangements to Oswego, please visit making travel arrangements to Oswego.

Will students and parents attend all the same activities?
Guests attending first-year student programs will attend their own, separate orientation.  Guest will meet up with their students during meal times over the two-day program.  Guests of transfer students will attend a mix of sessions with their student and on their own during the one-day program.  

What if one of my family members has a special need? Students with special needs should complete the Students with Special Needs Identification Form to request reasonable accommodations. Family members with access, mobility, sight or hearing challenges should indicate their special need at the point of registration or may do so by email at or by calling 315.312.5522.

What should I bring to Orientation?

  • comfortable clothing and footwear
  • a sweater or sweatshirt as temperatures vary from one location to another
  • a tote bag to carry your program materials and important paperwork
  • a fan if you stay on campus as our halls are not air conditioned

What should I wear to Orientation?  Dress is casual at Orientation. However, you may wish to have a light sweater or jacket as temperatures vary from location to location.

Why is there a fee for Orientation? Orientation is a comprehensive program for new students and their guests, which enlists the assistance of various campus departments and services. There is an immense amount of preparation that goes into coordinating each program. The fee covers meals, staffing and other operational costs such as technical assistance and program materials.

I see there is a "sibling fee" for younger children. Can I bring my younger child to the program?  We understand that all family members, younger siblings included, play a vital role in the transition of a college student. That said, our programs and their content are geared toward adult guests and transitioning college students. While younger siblings are welcome, we encourage you to consider alternate arrangements for young children before deciding to bring them to an Orientation program.   Also note that any child 17 or under must be acompanied by an adult at all times during programs.  Given the separation of the student and guest programs, the adult responsible for a younger sibling must be someone other than your SUNY Oswego student.

Will I be able to tour my student's assigned residence hall that (s)he will live in? Unfortunately, no. Residence hall rooms house the personal belongings of continuing students. The remaining rooms are being prepared for occupancy.  However, you can learn more about our residence halls and their room dimensions and layouts online.

We strongly encourage parents and family to attend Orientation because this is a time of adjustment for all of you. However, Orientation is a requirement for all incoming first year and transfer students.