Frequently Contacted Campus Offices

If you have questions and need to contact a specific student service office, follow the instructions below. 
You can click on the link and go to the office's webpage or contact them by phone.
How you dial is determined from where you are calling.

Calling from an area code other than 315: include area 315 and prefix 312, then extension number (last four-digits).
Calling from within the 315 area code: include prefix 312 and the extension number (last four-digits).
When placing a call from a campus phone: simply dial the four-digit extension. 

 Office  Phone Number
 Admissions  315.312.2250
 Athletics  315.312.3056
 Campus Switchboard (General Information)  315.312.2500
 Campus Technology Help Desk  315.312.3456
 CLEP  315.312.2270
 College Store (Bookstore)  315.312.2260
 Extended Learning  315.312.2270
 Accessibility Resource Services  315.312.3358
 Financial Aid  315.312.2248
 First Year Programs  315.312.3068
 ID and Dining Services  315.312.2588
 Health Services  315.312.4100
 EOP  315.312.3094
 Off Campus Travel Office  315.312.2952
 Office of Learning Services (OLS)  315.312.3094
 Orientation  315.312.5522
 Parking Office  315.312.3227
 Residence Life and Housing  315.312.2246
 Student Accounts  315.312.2225
 Student Insurance Waivers (Auxiliary Services)  315.312.2106
Veteran Services 315.312.2231