First Year Student Orientation FAQs

Do I have to attend the Orientation program?

In a word . . . Yes! All new students are required to attend an Orientation program.  Attending an Orientation program is the best way to begin your college career.  If you have special circumstances that prevent you from attending Orientation, please contact the office at 315.312.5522 or by email at  Students who do not attend an Orientation program, but enroll as a student and begin classes in the fall, will be assessed the appropriate Orientation fee.

What happens at Orientation?  Is it different from the Open House I attended?

At Orientation you will participate in activities and workshops specifically designed to help you prepare for your arrival in the spring.  You will attend a variety of workshops aimed at facilitating your adjustment to college life.  Orientation is also your opportunity to meet with an academic advisor and confirm your course selection and schedule for the spring semester.  In addition, you will gather detailed information on campus life, technology, food service, parking and so much more!  You will also have the opportunity to make new friends as well as form a connection to our special community. Attendance at an Orientation program is required. 

Is there a fee to Orientation?

A fee of $196 is assessed on the account (bill) of all first time students who attend an Orientation program.  If you would like to bring family and/or  guests with you there is an additional charge. As a reminder, students who do not attend an Orientation program, but enroll as a student and begin classes in the fall, will be assessed the appropriate Orientation fee.

What is included in my Orientation fee?

The student Orientation fee includes overnight accommodations in Johnson Hall, meals throughout the duration of the program, mentorship and experiences with your Laker Leader, advisement from academic advisors in your major area, official Oswego swag, and more!

What should I bring to Orientation?

  • Transcript of college coursework, if applicable
  • Advanced Placement verification (if you have earned AP credit)
  • Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing & footwear (the program involves some walking) 
  • Jacket or rain coat & umbrella (check the weather forecast before you arrive) 
  • Toiletires for your overnight stay 

What should I wear to Orientation?  

Dress is casual at Orientation.  Although you may wish to have a sweater or jacket as you may find some meeting areas chilly.

Where will I stay during the Orientation program? Do I have to stay on campus, even if I live locally? 

Students participating in the Orientation program reside in Johnson Hall for their overnight stay. All components of the Orientation program, including the overnight stay, are required. The Laker Leaders have something awesome planning for the residence halls.. join them at Late Night, where you can endulge in some of our favorite "midnight snacks," play some crowd favorites, shoot hoops in the gymnasium, capture the glow-in-the-dark flag, unwind with some relazing crafts, and more! 

What is included in the residence hall for my overnight stay?

  • Linens 
  • Pillow 
  • Some basic toiletires are available in the rooms (ie, soap)

Can I request a roommate for my overnight stay during Orientation?

Roommates are assigned at random, and based on the gender submitted by the student during the application process. This is the typical process for the academic year. If you have an extenuating circumstance or concerns about roommate pairing, please call our office at (315) 312-5522. 

What time does the program begin and end?

You will be sent a confirmation with all the details to your SUNY Oswego email account.   Attending the entire program is necessary and required.

When will I register for classes?

All new and incoming students are pre-registered for their courses by a faculty or staff advisor prior to attending Orientation.  You will meet with an advisor to confirm or make changes to your course schedule.

How will I know whether or not I got my choice of Orientation session?

You will receive a confirmation through your Oswego email account.  Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received confirmation of your program dates.

Why haven't I received information about Orientation yet?

The new student welcome letters will be mailed out starting in early March to all new students who have paid their $100 tuition or $200 tuition/room deposit.  Subsequent mailings will be sent out on a weekly basis.

Can I bring guests with me to Orientation?

Yes, we offer a family and guest Orientation program for your guests to attend.  Some sessions are with students, and others are guest-only.

Can my guests and I get on-campus overnight accommodations before and during the program?

Yes! As previously mentioned, all new students are assigned housing in Johnson Hall. Family members and guests who wish to stay overnight may do so at a reduced rate. You may request on-campus housing for the program when you reserve your space at an Orientation program. We also offer on-campus accommodations to students and guests traveling up the evening prior to Orientation. Please indicate that you would like an additional night of accommodations in our online reservation system. 

What about my tuition bill and other charges?

  • Bills for the upcoming semester and fees will be available through your myOswego account. Payment is due prior to the beginning of classes. Students may view the charges and payments posted to their account online through myOswego.

  • Automobile registration and parking fees are payable upon arrival on campus for the semester or the online parking department site.

  • Textbook pre-ordering and payment is available online on the College Store prepack site.

When can I move into my residence hall?

Students can move into their residence halls on August 24, 2018.

Will I be able to tour my assigned residence hall that I will live in this fall?

Unfortunately, no.  Most residence halls are occupied by current students as well as by conference attendees.  The remaining residence halls are being prepared for  occupancy.  However, information regarding the room dimensions and layout can be found online on the Residence Life and Housing webpage.

When do fall classes begin?

Check the academic calendar for important dates, including when classes begin, end, and are canceled.

How can I find out available majors and requirements for majors at Oswego?  

Check out our Oswego majors page.

Where can I read about the courses available at Oswego?

See our course search tool.

Where can I find out important dates and deadlines?

You can find them on the College Calendar page.

Is public transportation available at Oswego?

Auxiliary Services provides students with free transportation around campus via regularly scheduled shuttle buses. Centro, the regional bus system, provides regular service within the City of Oswego and to surrounding towns including Syracuse. Trailways offers weekend transportation to the Rochester/Buffalo area. Charter service to the New York metro area is also available through the easily accessed Regional Transportation Center in Syracuse, New York. Also see our transportation over breaks brochure (PDF).

How do I find my Student ID number?

Your Student ID number is on your acceptance letter and your bill.