Express Bus FAQs

Which Orientation programs will the Orientation Express Bus be available?

The Orientation Express Bus is available for our July 19 - 20 and July 25 - 26 First Year Orientation programs.

What is the departure and arrival information for the Orientation Express Bus?

The Orientation Express Bus departs at 6 AM from SUNY College of Optometry, located at 33 West 42nd Street, New York, NY on July 20, 2018 (for the July 19 -2 0 program) and July 25, 2018 (for the July 25 - 26 program.) The bus is expected to arrive at SUNY Oswego in time for lunch on July 19 and July 25, respectively. The bus will depart from SUNY Oswego at the completion of the Orientation program (July 20 and July 26, respectively) at 5 PM, and arrive at the SUNY College of Optometry that evening.

How much does a ticket for the Orientation Express Bus cost?

A ticket for the Orientation Express Bus costs $90. This is in addition to the Orientation fee.

What’s included in the cost of the Orientation Express Bus ticket?

The cost of your ticket for the Orientation Express Bus includes:

  • Direct transportation to-and-from SUNY Oswego for your Orientation program

  • Lunchr on your arrival day and dinner on your departure day

When and how do I pay for my seat on the Orientation Express Bus?

For Students: Ticket payment for students utilizing the Orientation Express Bus will be charged to their tuition account.

For Guests: Guests must pay for their ticket on the Orientation Express Bus at the time they pay for their Orientation fee. We accept credit card payments, checks, and cash.

Is there a limit to the number of guests per student that can ride the Orientation Express Bus?

Due to limited seating on the Orientation Express Bus, each student may reserve a space for themselves and one guest. One week before the program, we will open the remaining number of seats to guests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What if I have already registered for Orientation with more than one guest?

If you would like to utilize the Orientation Express Bus as your means of transportation to-and-from Orientation, and have already registered with more than one guest, we will issue a refund for each guest over your first guest. Any refunds require a $10 processing fee per refund, as noted in the disclaimer at the time of registration.

How do I reserve my seat on the Orientation Express Bus?

To reserve your seat, please call our office at (315) 312-5522 Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.