Course Schedule Creation

Creating Your Schedule

Students will be pre-registered for a full course load prior to coming to orientation. A team of experienced advisors will work to review all information and preferences submitted through the New Student Information Sheet, transcripts, and your completed math placement exam to prepare a schedule that best suits each students needs.

Pre-Registration Criteria

  • Major requirements
  • Undeclared students who indicate an interest area will be placed into a course in that area if possible
  • Math requirements
  • English composition background
  • Foreign language background and requirements
  • Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and college credits
  • Honors program requirements
  • Intercollegiate athletes need to complete courses prior to the start of their scheduled practices (generally prior to 4pm each day).
  • An attempt will be made to make sure there is time allotted for lunch when the dining halls are serving
  • Scheduling is done on a first-come/first-served basis. As classes close, we must use your lower priority courses or may even have to substitute similar courses not on your priority list.

Adjusting Your Schedule and Changing Majors

All students will have the ability to adjust their schedule at orientation. If you request a major change please do not fill out the New Student Information sheet until you have received confirmation of your new major.

Math Placement Exam

You may also be required to complete a Math Placement Exam based on your major or if you are undeclared and interested in majors needing a calculus based math. Please review the list of majors requiring math placement and review the math placement website. Undeclared students leaning toward a major on this list should take the math placement exam.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum may be divided roughly into four parts: (1) general education, (2) the major field, (3) cognate requirements for the major, and (4) electives.
All students must complete 30 Credits of General Education courses as part of GE21.

  1. The major field section of the degree program gives students an opportunity to specialize in the academic or professional field of their choice. See the specific major requirements listing.
  2. Cognate requirements are courses not offered in the major department, but which support and complement the major. For example, students majoring in a science would be severely handicapped if they did not develop certain mathematical skills. Therefore, mathematics is a cognate requirement for majors in the sciences. See the specific major requirements listing for the cognate requirements.
  3. Elective courses bring the student's total number of credit hours to the 122 (123 for BFA in Art, 127 for technology education and technology management, and 126-127 for vocational teacher preparation majors) required for graduation. Although there is generally no restriction placed on electives, each student must be careful to earn the appropriate number of credit hours in liberal arts courses and in courses numbered 300 or higher.