Academic Requirements

Wondering about how your course schedule will be created? You've come to the right place!

All new students are required to complete the New Student Information Sheet in myOswego.  You may also be required to complete a Math Placement Exam based on your major or if you are undeclared and interested in majors needing a calculus based math. Please review the list of majors requiring math placement and review the math placement website. Undeclared students leaning toward a major on this list should take the math placement exam.

Students will be pre-registered for a full course load prior to coming to orientation. A team of experienced advisors will work to review all information and preferences submitted through the New Student Information Sheet, transcripts, and your completed math placement exam to prepare a schedule that best suits each students needs. All students will have the ability to adjust their schedule at orientation. If you request a major change please do not fill out the New Student Information sheet until you have received confirmation of your new major.

Please note: It may take up to two business days, for the required steps on the myOswego New Student Menu to process before you will be able to register for an Orientation program. 

There are many resources and programs for incoming new students. It is our ultimate goal to ensure your success at SUNY Oswego.  

For more information about what factors that influence the creation of your fall schedule please review these resources.