Meet with a Specialist

To set up an appointment to meet with one of our student academic success specialists, you may:

  1. Send an email to either or with your name, requested appointment time and any other information you would like to provide.
  2. Make a phone call to either Alicia (315-312-3088) or Allison (315-312-5614).
  3. Stop by and have a chat with Alicia (179 Marano Campus Center) or Allison (177 Marano Campus Center).
  4. Set up an appointment using Starfish:
    1)  Log in to Blackboard.
    2)  Click on Starfish Home under Starfish.
    3)   Under the My Success Network tab, you can schedule an appointment by pointing to the advisor you would like to meet with and click See available appointments.
    4)   On the calendar in the upper left, dates that are BOLD indicate days that the advisor has available appointments. Click on one of these dates and then click Sign up on the timeslot you would like to schedule your appointment.
    5)   The Add appointment box will appear. Hit SUBMIT to confirm.