Math in Action

Math in Action workshops explore real-world applications of mathematics across various disciplines.  Each workshop is comprised of a short lecture followed by a hands-on project. 

Previous Math in Action workshops have included: 

Flood! - Linear Programming for Disaster Relief 

Medieval Weaponry 

The Physics of Hula Hooping 

Fibonacci Upcycled Gardens 

Tie Dye Symmetries 

Paint by Number - The Math of Color Quantization 

Sorting Algorithms 

The Reason for the Seasons 

Preserving the Harvest 

The Assault on our Waterways - Road Salt Pollution at SUNY Oswego 

Crop Circles - The Art of the Hoax

Forensic Accounting 

The German Tank Problem and other Math of War 

 African Hair Braiding - Symmetries, Histories and Power