Leadership Oswego County testimonials

"I had not anticipated the richness and variety of the Leadership Oswego County Program when I began my training in 1992. The networking with corporate, government and agency leaders is phenomenal and still pays dividends for me today. The skills learned and opportunities that are revealed through the training program are invaluable. I recommend Leadership Oswego County to anyone who is committed to making things happen in their field. "
-Mary Vanouse, LOC '93, Director, City of Oswego Community Development

 "Leadership Oswego County gave me the opportunity to learn not only more about Oswego County but meet a number of people throughout the county that I would never have met before. To this day, I see my class of '93 throughout the county in various capacities."
- Deana Masuicca, LOC '94, Executive Director, Oswego YMCA

"I enjoyed the Leadership Oswego County program so much! LOC helped me become a more thoughtful, well-informed leader, while allowing me to develop networks that have yielded success both professionally and personally." 
-Katherine Loomis, LOC '06, Executive Director, ALS Foundation of CNY

 "LOC was a very worthwhile experience. It was a real eye-opener as I learned much about how Oswego County operates and about the many services and programs that are available for its residents. It was also interesting to witness how professionals from very different backgrounds interact with each other and found ways to work together to achieve a common goal. I found LOC to be a benefit to my professional development and I would recommend the program to any community minded professional who works or lives in Oswego County." 
-John DeRousie, LOC '07, Custom Marketing Solutions

"To fear change is a commitment to failure....LOC helped me to see not to fear change but embrace the challenge to do so. I'm a treasurer for a Not for Profit now and we are getting stronger every day. The challenge was to open people's eyes to what we are doing and what we stand for. We have been up and running now for 3 years and we're making progress. I would have never thought I could write bylaws, conflict of interests and really get in there and talk to people and make them aware that they can make a difference they have just got to embrace the challenge and go forward. But the LOC helped me to be a better person and my 15yrs old daughter just graduated this year from LOCY and loved it."
-Helen Feyh, LOC '06, Accounting/Payroll, James A. Fitzpatrick NNP

"Through attending LOC I gained great friends, a solid networking base, leadership skills and a greater sense of community. I would recommend it to anyone and do it again in a heartbeat!" 
-Eric A. Bresee, LOC '07, Youth Services Director, OCO Inc.

"After living in Oswego all my life, I thought I knew all there was to know about the community.However after attending Leadership Oswego County, I found I knew very little in fact. This program was very informative and has helped me to grow in many areas, both professionally and personally. I would recommend this program to anyone that lives or works in our community. "
-Michele C. Torbitt, LOC '07, Assistant Vice President, Electronic Commerce Division, PathFinder Bank

 "The Leadership Oswego County program helped me gain a broader understanding of the county, it's strengths, challenges and resources. The knowledge I gained from the program was well worth it. Every year I encourage others to apply."
-Beth Kazel, LOC '01, Director, Children's Services, Oswego County Opportunities, Inc.

"The Leadership program offered an opportunity to gain an understanding of many of the needs, issues, and concerns that exist with all of Oswego County and how we as business leaders can help address these demands."
-Bill Carhart, LOC '06, Executive Director, Oswego County Federal Credit Union

"Leadership Oswego gave me an opportunity to see the assets and liabilities, the caring workers and volunteers, and a way to assess the benefits and challenges I would have if I became a part of the solution by getting involved. The friendships will last a lifetime."
-R. Deborah Davis, LOC '07, SUNY Oswego Curriculum and Instruction

"I have attended several leadership workshops in my career. Leadership Oswego County provided a broad perspective of what leadership means for not only those who work in other businesses, but how our leadership can impact the communities we live in. Time was well spent gaining an understanding of our personal work styles and different perspectives, and how that impacted group and team dynamics. I would recommend LOC to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves, a new perspective on other people's differences, as well as a broader understanding of Oswego County."
-Donna Besaw, LOC '05, Assistant Director, SUNY Oswego Extended Learning

"The program provides exposure to all facets of the community. I learned not only more about Oswego County and what we have to offer here but also about myself and how my goals, both personal and professional fit in."
-Karen Ferguson, LOC '08, Director, Red Cross, Oswego

"I enjoyed getting to know people from different business aspects in the county. I really learned alot from all the networking experiences that LOC had to offer!"
-Kristin LaBarge, LOC '06, Oswego County Opportunities

"Leadership Oswego County is an awakening of the human, political and realistic leadership parts of you as a person. It gives you cause to pause and reflect."
-Carrie Izzo, LOC '05, SUNY Oswego

"I signed up for LOC thinking I would learn about the people in our county never expecting I would learn more about myself than I ever knew."
-Deana M. Michaels, LOC '08, Branch Manager, Pathfinder Bank

"As a student of Leadership I came away with a network of people who care for the people of our county. The experience was a real eve opener to the needs and the opportunities to make a difference in Oswego County."
-Bernadette Costello, LOC '94

"Through Leadership Oswego County I was able to learn the history of Oswego County that I was not aware of even residing in the county my entire life as well as some of the hidden treasures. I also believe it built my confidence and assisted me in building my own leadership style which has been imperative in my current position with Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. And lastly providing you with a network or connections in the community that are important in any successful business was invaluable."
-Kelly Malone, LOC '01

"Participating in LOC really helped me to connect to my community and learn more about the history and development of our county. As someone who didn't grow up locally and works with leadership and organizational development, I found it as a great resource and way to become part of the community in which I live and work."
-Michael Paestella, LOC '06, SUNY Oswego

"What I gained from Leadership Oswego County was the chance to learn how to work together with different people from different parts of the business community in Oswego County. Also, I met a lot of other people besides my classmates from everywhere around Oswego County, and learned a lot about the enterprises and agencies in Oswego County that I had never known about before."
-Roxanne Deyo, LOC '01, Oswego County DSS

"Leadership Oswego County is an excellent vehicle for personal growth as well as honing leadership skills. Additionally, it gives every participant an opportunity to know and understand Oswego County up close and personal".
-Faye Beckwith, LOC '06, Freedom Real Estate

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