Question 1: Are the sessions closed sessions in that only people identified by WDB are able to attend?

 Answer: The sessions are open to individuals who have registered at the Oswego County Workforce New York Career Center or its associate location at the OswegoCounty Department of Social Services Career Center and are eligible for career services. Participants will be recommended for “Soft Skills” training by staff as part of an appropriate career preparation plan.

Question 2: Is there any flexibility in the duration of the sessions?  I.e. two 3 hour sessions in a week vs one 6-hour session?

Answer: A full-day (six hour) workshop is considered preferable in order to minimize potential participant childcare/transportation issues and to promote attendance for the entire program. However, a proposal that provides compelling information to support an alternate plan will be considered.

Question 3: What type of technology and language/translation requirements related to accessibility are expected of the trainer vs of the referring entity?

 Answer: There are no specific technology and language/translation requirements related to accessibility expected of the chosen trainer.  However, applicants who have experience providing technology and/or language/translation services related to accessibility are encouraged to include that information in their proposals.

Question 4: Would the participants be expected to attend one session?  Or multiple monthly sessions? 

Answer: The intent of the training is to instill in participants the personal and professional attributes needed for success in the workplace during a single session.

If multiple, what is the trainer’s responsibility for feedback to WDB about attendees’ progress/attentiveness/engagement/etc.?

Answer: N/A

Question 5: How are the additional (6) monthly sessions scheduled beyond the one monthly required session identified to meet the 18 annual session requirement?

Answer: Completion of the additional six (6) monthly sessions beyond the required 12 monthly sessions will be based on a mutually agreed schedule, based on the needs of the WDB Inc. (of Oswego County), its Career Center staff and the availability of the chosen training provider.