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Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)


To encourage and foster the development and maintenance of volunteer opportunities that engage, support and enhance the lives of Americans 55+, while responding to the priority needs of the community.


Improve lives, strengthen communities and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering.


The Corporation for National and Community Service has identified six focus areas where they intend to make a significant difference:

  • Education - Improve graduation rates for students and improve students grade-level performance
  • Healthy futures - Improve the health and wellness of individuals in the areas of obesity prevention, aging in place and access to health services
  • Environmental stewardship - Reduce consumption of fossil fuels
  • Veterans - Increase economic, education and health opportunities for veterans and military families by leveraging national service, including veterans serving veterans
  • Opportunity - Improve financial stability, access to affordable housing and employment opportunities for economically vulnerable families
  • Disaster preparedness - Increase capacity of communities to serve vulnerable populations in the event of a disaster, and improve communities in disaster-affected areas

RSVP Advisory Council

The role of the Advisory Council member is to assist the RSVP staff in topics affecting planning and significant program decisions. As member, you will provide advice and support on such matters as community relations, volunteer recognition, budget, grant applications, volunteer station relationships and other related duties.

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