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I. Introduction


Through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), The Research Foundation for and on behalf of SUNY Oswego (RF/SUNY Oswego) intends to secure consultants who can provide various services and training programs for the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA). The target audience is OTDA State staff, local Department of Social Services staff, not-for-profit providers and community based organizations. Topics include specific programmatic needs as well as general training categories. The RF/SUNY Oswego seeks to retain consultants with the experience, knowledge, and skill to develop, design and deliver training and capacity-building services, which address the current workforce development skill needs of the OTDA. The training and consulting will fall into the areas described in Section II, Description of Services Sought. 

Qualifications will continue to be accepted on a continuous basis and are reviewed periodically. Consultants who were previously qualified as a consultant for a specific program do not need to reapply for that program. Consultants who applied and were not qualified for a particular program may reapply for that program area 6 months after having been rejected. If you are unsure about your status, you can email Chena Tucker at for clarification.

Consultant service contracts are anticipated to continue to be awarded throughout 2015 and beyond. Because the services are provided statewide on an as-needed basis, exact locations and timeframes of deployment of services cannot be predicted. RF/SUNY Oswego does not guarantee work as a result of being qualified as a consultant via this process. A Scope of Work description will be issued to all qualified vendors for each service sought. The resulting successful bidder will be issued a subcontract. 

II. Description of services sought 

The following general areas of training or consulting that consultants will be called upon for assignments that may take place at the local, regional or state levels depending upon the intended audience and outcome desired are: 

  1. Organizational development
  2. Strategic planning 
  3. Facilitation/focus groups
  4. Culture change and change management 
  5. Leadership 
  6. Management skills and consulting 
  7. Supervision training and technical assistance 
  8. Succession planning
  9. Competency-based skill development 
  10. Project management 
  11. Distance learning 
  12. Evaluation services 
  13. Welfare reform expertise 
  14. Welfare fraud -WFIT Institute. 
  15. Graphic design, material production and public information services 
  16. Media copying services
  17. Fatherhood media campaign
  18. Fatherhood informational campaign
  19. Conference support
  20. Fundamentals of internal auditing
  21. Accounting, budgeting, finance training and technical assistance 
  22. Online training courses 
  23. Conference and motivational speakers 
  24. Disaster preparedness, safety training and security assessment
  25. Effective writing, editing and analysis of written material
  26. Time management
  27. Drafting effective fair hearing decisions
  28. Drug and alcohol screening expertise
  29. IV-D attorney training
  30. Electronic document management system (EDMS) development

Detailed program descriptions can be found in Appendix A. 

III. Process for qualifications submission


Consultants must complete a separate and complete application for each program area for which they want to be considered. Each application must include a narrative regarding the vendor's overall experience as a consultant in the public sector specifically in human services/human development, education and other qualifications, their training or consulting style, availability and flexibility in schedule, their evaluation, and methodology. Each application will be evaluated on the experience and education in the specific content area proposed, references in the specific content area, training outlines and a description of how they would evaluate the impact of their training. 


Qualifications will be accepted on a continuous basis and will be reviewed periodically. 


Vendors should submit their qualifications electronically via our online application system (See Attachment 1). 

IV. Qualifications documents

(Note: Failure to include the required documents and information may result in the rejection of your qualifications). 


See Attachment 1, Application Form


To assure that all qualifications are evaluated on the same basis, the following must be included: 
A complete description of the vendor's capacity to deliver the services proposed. The applicant should describe examples of both customized and off the shelf programs that they have delivered. The names, qualifications and expertise of key personnel who will be assigned to deliver the services resulting from an awarded contract. A complete description of the vendor's capacity to deliver the services proposed in a Social Services environment. References for some of the examples cited for program delivery. Any additional factors that you believe make you or your organization especially qualified to perform these services. A description of how the vendor evaluates the effectiveness of their training.

V. Review of the selection process

Initial Screening
Each application received in response to this RFQ will be screened to determine whether it is sufficiently responsive. The purpose of this initial review is to ensure that the requirements of this RFQ are properly and adequately addressed, including compliance with all requested documents. Failure to address the required components or furnish the forms and documents specified in the RFQ may eliminate an application from further review. 

Evaluation of Qualifications
The evaluation process will determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of each application against the Selection Criteria. The individual evaluation of the qualifications by the Selection Committee members will utilize point-based methodology. 


Qualifications will be evaluated on a point system in accordance with the following selection requirements. Vendors must provide all information requested in this section. 

  1. Knowledge and Experience: Vendors must demonstrate knowledge and experience in the subject area, as described in Appendix A. Vendors should describe examples of both customized and off the shelf programs that they have delivered. References must be provided for at least one of these examples. A maximum of 10 points will be awarded for this section. 
  2. Social Services Experience: Vendors should demonstrate their knowledge of, or experience in delivering programs within the Social Services community. Describe any Social Services experience specific to the subject area as described in Appendix A. Describe examples of customized and off the shelf programs delivered. References should be provided for at least one of these examples. A maximum of 5 points will be awarded for this section. 
  3. Evaluation: Vendors must demonstrate experience in evaluating their training. This is a required component of all programs. Vendors should explain their methodology, describe examples of the tools used, and cite the results from some of their evaluations. A maximum of 5 points will be awarded for this section.

Qualification process

The Review Team will determine a consensus score for each of the three areas. In order to be considered as a qualified vendor for a particular program, the applicant must receive a minimum consensus total score of 13 points, with no individual element receiving a score below 1. 

VI. General information for qualified vendors 

All selected vendors will be required to submit quarterly and/or final reports for work contracted through this RFQ. A project and reporting schedule, with project and reporting requirements will be discussed at the beginning of each project. OTDA attendance rosters will be provided. RF/SUNY Oswego will require qualified vendors to submit these as part of the work related to any project. Qualified vendors will also be asked to evaluate each assigned project. Classes may be delivered either at the work site or at other mutually agreed upon locations. 

Former New York State employees must comply with any applicable requirements concerning post-employment restrictions set forth in the Section 73 of the Public Officers Law. Former local district employees must comply with any applicable requirements concerning post-employment restrictions set forth in Article 18 of the General Municipal law. 

If you are awarded a contract, you will be required to submit certain forms and comply with the following information. 

State finance law reporting requirements

Chapter 10 of the Laws of 2006 relative to the State Finance Law sub-section 8 and sub-section 163 as amended, mandates that State Agencies require contractors submit to the contracting agency for inclusion in the Procurement Record a State Consultant Services Contractors Planned Employment Form A for any contracts entered into which total $15,000 or more. Form A must be received prior to contract approval. Additionally, the amendment mandates that Agencies must require contractors awarded consulting services contracts in excess of $15,000 to report annually on the State Consultant Services Contractor's Annual Employment Report Form B the actual employment data for the most recently concluded State fiscal year. Form B must be submitted annually to the Agency, to the Office of the State Comptroller and to the Department of Civil Service. Please note, in contrast to Form A which is a one time submission of planned employment information for the duration of the contract, Form B is submitted annually after each State fiscal year and captures the actual employment data requested for the recently completed fiscal year. Reports will be due no later than May 15th of each year commencing May 2007. 

Affirmative action guidelines

Vendors should be aware of the requirements of Section 15A of the NYS Executive Law, which addresses nondiscrimination in employment and utilization of MWBEs. 

Non-resident New York State taxes

Individuals living in other states or firms incorporated out of the State of New York may be liable for New York State non-resident taxes on income earned through this contract. Contact the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, Taxpayer Services Unit, at 1-800-225-5829 if you have any questions concerning this requirement. 

Cost of qualifications preparation

RF/SUNY Oswego will not be liable for any costs of work performed in the preparation and production of an application, or for any work performed prior to the formal execution of a contract. By submitting an application, the vendor agrees not to make any claims for, or have any right to, damages because of any misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the specifications, or because of any misinformation or lack of information. 

RF/SUNY Oswego reserves the right to

Postpone or cancel this RFQ upon notification to all vendors; Amend the specifications after their release with appropriate notice to all vendors; Request vendors to present supplemental information clarifying their qualifications, either in writing or in formal presentation; Reject any and all qualifications received in response to this RFQ; Award the contract to the most responsive vendor based on the evaluation criteria, Award contracts to more than one vendor; Negotiate with the next highest rated vendor if negotiating a contract with the selected vendor(s) cannot be accomplished within an acceptable time frame at a reasonable cost (no vendor will have any rights against the RF/SUNY Oswego arising from such negotiations); Cancel the project contract on 20 days written notice and pay the contractor for charges incurred up to the time of cancellation; Make any payment contingent upon the submission of specific deliverables.

Review and crediting of material

Contracts sometimes call for the development of new curricula, evaluation plans, and other materials. All materials developed must be submitted to the OTDA Bureau of Training and Management Analysis contract manager in draft at least two weeks in advance of anticipated use. The Bureau will review the materials and will provide a written response to the contractor. Materials and curricula may not be used until the OTDA has approved them in writing. 

Although contractors are encouraged to copyright materials, the contract language specifies that the New York State OTDA retains the right to utilize such materials for its own purpose. Additionally, New York State OTDA must be acknowledged in all materials. The specifics of such acknowledgement must be approved by appropriate OTDA Bureau of Training and Management Analysis staff. 

Contract Award

Upon receipt of necessary State approvals, a "Letter of Intent" will be issued by the RF/SUNY Oswego to the successful vendor advising them of their status. As necessary, a contract defining all deliverables and the responsibilities of the contractor and the RF/SUNY Oswego will be developed for signature by both parties and for approval and processing in accordance with State policy and practice. 

Cancellation policy

In the event that a training session, program, or planning meeting is cancelled for any reason, no payments will be made. However, contractors/vendors who have been authorized to work on curriculum development or program preparation may be paid for this work even if the training event is cancelled. This will occur only when the contractor's/vendor's contract clearly indicates, either in the contract language or the contract budget exhibit, a distinction between curriculum development, preparation, and/or delivery costs. 

VII. Attachments and appendices

Attachment 1

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Appendix A: Areas of Service