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We are offering Professional Development Training for employees, or individuals who wish to further develop their professional skill set. We will provide a six-hour workshop that emphasizes the importance and practice of crucial skills that employees need to be successful in today’s business environment. Possible topics include Professional Mission Statement, Time Management, Teamwork, Effective Listening, Professional Image, Personal Accountability, Work Ethic and more! 

Breakfast and lunch are included!

Individuals, Small Businesses (Under 30 Employee’s), and Non-Profit Corporations: $99

All Other Businesses: $150

Workshops will be held at:
SUNY Oswego’s Business Resource Center, 121 East 1st Street, Oswego NY 13126

November 22, 2019

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January 9, 2020

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Professional development programs for businesses and organizations

Transform your group into a high-impact organization with our professional development, skills training, and assessment solutions. Understanding that all businesses and organizations have different needs, our staff can create specialized training workshops responsive to your current demands.

We can tailor any of our current listed programs to your specific industry or we can develop a customized training suite to target your organizations training goals and culture. 

Our team will meet with your staff and set up a series of meetings in order to understand your organizational culture and training goals. From there our staff will develop a proposal and present you with options that are in line with your training initiatives, time frames, and budget. 

We currently offer the Enhancing Administrative Professionalism Certificate, a series of workshops addressing common workplace issues. These workshops are also available as stand-alone, three-hour sessions. See below for details: 

Enhancing Administrative Professionalism Certificate

The Enhancing Administrative Professionalism Certificate is designed for individuals in administrative support roles who want to be exceptional and who are often the heart and soul of successful organizations. As the voice and face of your organization, administrative professionals are communicators, organizers and facilitators.

Today's Administrative Professionals must be dynamic, active and engaged leading crucial day-to-day functions. They are decision-makers, multi-tasking with a diverse set of skills and strong knowledge base to resolve issues, be adept at technology, and above all communicate persuasively and effectively. This five-day certificate training course has been designed to enhance those necessary workplace skills and can be adapted for specific industries.

The Enhancing Administrative Professionalism Certificate covers the following topic areas: Dealing with Difficult People, C.R.E.W. Training, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Stress Management, Time Management, Effective Telecommunication and Meeting Facilitation.

Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People is a ½ day training designed to assist employees in interacting effectively with difficult colleagues, supervisors and clients. This course will include a basic examination of what makes a colleague, supervisor or a client a difficult person to partner with. The course will focus on Reflective Listening and Interaction Styles, how to plan and hold difficult conversations with difficult people, the Communications Cycle, handling difficult reactions and defensiveness and how to transfer the skills learned to your individual work place to enhance efficiency and cooperation.

C.R.E.W. Training (Civility, Respect and Engagement in the Workplace)

All managers, faculty and staff have a responsibility to act in good faith and be active participants in contributing to the creation and enhancement of an environment of civility, respect and engagement in the workplace. This requires treating others with dignity, understanding and inclusion and taking action to deal with incidents of incivility. In this ½ day training that identifies the fundamentals necessary to maintain a professional atmosphere in the workplace and characteristics of Incivility.

Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills is a full day training that helps staff develop and enhance their ability to present information. Topics covered include preparing an introduction, conclusion as well as organizing main points and designing presentation aids. AT the end of the training participants will prepare and present a presentation sketch activity.
Presentation Skills: This training focuses on helping staff develop and enhance their presentation skills. Topics covered include preparing an introduction, conclusion as well as organizing main points and designing presentation aids.
Presenting with PowerPoint: Participants will be able to identify basic PowerPoint functions such as design themes, slide layouts, notes section and slide sorter. Presenting with PowerPoint will cover the basics of building PowerPoint slide decks, using templates as well as pictures and videos. 
Writing Skills
Workbook A: Writing for Clarity. In this abbreviated ½ day refresher training, the instructor will cover the essential points and focuses on clear and concise writing.
Workbook B: Remembering the Basics. In this abbreviated ½ day refresher training, the instructor covers writing form, language structure and grammar.
Stress Management

Every person in every walk of life faces things that cause stress. In this training, we will review proven ways to face the challenges that produce "stressors" in our lives.  Through a variety of activities this training will allow one to assess your own stress level and develop a plan for managing it. Key topics include understanding stress, coping skills, time management and communication skills.

Time Management (Managing Multiple Priorities)

Each person has the same amount of time in a day BUT it is how we organize it, make plans and execute those plans that makes the difference in how we feel about the time we have. Time management training most often begins with setting goals. These goals are recorded and may be broken down into a project, an action plan, or a simple task list. Organizing work to ensure high priority work is completed in a timely fashion is a skill that can be learned. This 1/2 day session discusses techniques for setting goals and determining priorities.

Effective Telecommunication

First impressions are always very important and the telephone is still a primary and first point of contact with customers, whether internal or external.  How you say something is just as important as what you say. This ½ day training reviews basic telephone techniques that will help ensure consistent and effective customer service.

Meeting Facilitation

This ½ day training will help you learn to facilitate meetings that are productive and time efficient. Key topics will include; defining the purpose of the meeting, developing an agenda, leading a meeting, engaging and involving participants, concluding the meeting and creating actionable follow up items.



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