Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones whereby bones become weak and may break from a minor fall or, even from simple actions, like sneezing. According to The National Osteoporosis Foundation, about 52 million Americans have Osteoporosis and low bone mass-- approximately 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men age 50 and older. Osteoporosis is responsi- ble for two million broken bones and $19 billion in related costs every year.

Through exercise and education Osteoporosis can be controlled, bone loss halted and even restored, and the risk of fracture reduced. Trained RSVP volunteers lead sessions two or three times a week in progressive strength training and weight bearing exercises. Call us today at 315-312-2317!

Program Goals

  • Reduce Risk of Fracture
  • Prevent Bone Loss 
  • Improve Balance
  • Increase Muscle Strength and Flexibility
  • Boost Energy Levels

Exercise & education regimen for the control of


Developed by
Research Scientists at Tufts University
Adapted by RSVP


What people say

Lou W.

Osteo Participant

"This class has helped me greatly. I don't use a cane now and my balance is terrific. "