Chena Tucker

"We must maintain a strong vision of today and be mindful of the future in order to realize sustainable growth and measurable success."

Our goal at the Workforce Development Board is to ensure that the current and future Oswego County workforce is prepared with the skills necessary to be successful in the jobs available within our local & regional in-demand occupations - Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, the Skilled Trades and Hospitality. Our strong partnerships with local businesses and community leaders, area educators and training providers, the committed staff of the One Stop center and local elected officials give us the experience, resources and the determination needed to collaboratively make this goal a reality.

As we remain responsive to the employment needs of our local businesses, we must be sure our regional training and educational support systems are strategic and effective. Clearly articulated employment career ladders - which outline advancements in responsibility and earnings as certain training milestones are achieved - and a no wrong door philosophy are strategies designed to maximize training and supportive services to ensure workers acquire the specific skills needed for our region’s in-demand jobs. We will continue to work toward the development and refinement of these career ladders, that are based on a clear educational and training pathway; including certificate programs, credit-bearing degree programs and/or apprenticeship training. 

We currently have a great number of employment opportunities within Oswego County and recent economic and community development initiatives have the potential to attract new and dynamic businesses to our area. Therefore, we must maintain a strong vision of today and be mindful of the future in order to realize sustainable growth and measurable success.    

I am confident that we have all the necessary elements to accomplish the goals we’ve set. If we, as a community, continue to communicate these goals in a spirit of transparency and focus, remain engaged and work together they are within our reach.

I look forward to continuing to serve the Workforce Development Board of Oswego County as your Executive Director.

Chena Tucker,
Executive Director,
Workforce Development Board of Oswego County