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Apr. 01, 2016

April 1, 2016

In this issue, read about students nationally recognized for sustainability, astrophysics and athletics; professional staff leading in their fields; and publications by communication studies faculty members.

Apr. 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

In this issue, read about faculty publications in anthropology and philosophy; conference presentations by physics students, Honors Program students and communication studies students and faculty; and more accomplishments by cinema studies and physics students and by faculty in art, music and physics.

Apr. 29, 2016

April 29, 2016

In this issue, read about faculty and students presenting at conferences, sharing knowledge through publications, earning grants to put their experience to work to help small businesses, conducting research in support of community health and more.

Jun. 10, 2016

June 10, 2016

In this issue, read about faculty, staff and students honored and published for their work with refugees, artistic accomplishments, research skills, athletic and academic ability, administrative acumen and more.

Jul. 08, 2016

July 8, 2016

In this issue, read about awards to business students and a Metro Center collaboration, a professor's poster on a productive project and a student affairs staffer's superb service selection.

Oct. 13, 2016

October 13, 2016

n this issue, read about faculty and student presentations at major conferences, faculty earning awards for internationalizing their classes and faculty and student percussionists joining a big outdoor performance.

Oct. 28, 2016

October 28, 2016

Justin Dobrow presentingJustin Dobrow, pictured, student general manager of WTOP-TV, and Michael Riecke, assistant professor of communication studi

Jan. 22, 2016

January 22, 2016

In this issue, read about a physics faculty member involved in a potentially groundbreaking discovery; students achieving in philosophy and human-computer interaction; faculty winning best paper awards in political science and malacology; and more faculty publications in physics and creative writing.

Feb. 05, 2016

February 5, 2016

In this issue, read about exhibitions of works by art faculty members, a philosophy professor's publication on medical ethics, a visiting scholar in business, and an appointee to a gerontology journal's editorial board.

Feb. 18, 2016

February 18, 2016

In this issue, read about a student presentation on the academic gender gap, online teaching ambassadors, three exemplary women in physics, a professor's publication on publications, and a police officer of the year.

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