Students chase 'monster tornado'

Scott Steiger poses with tornado.Meteorology professor Scott Steiger and his class of storm chasers got a front row seat on a massive tornado in Wyoming in early June, right after their quest was featured on the Weather Channel.

Steiger’s summer class traversed the country in search of tornadoes and found one June 5 as part of a network of weather researchers in Project Vortex 2 (Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment 2).

“We observed a monster tornado in eastern Wyoming with Project Vortex 2,” Steiger said. “This was the most studied tornado in human history!  We were an important part, as our weather balloon measurements helped determine where to position ourselves before the storm formed.”

The measurements were made possible with new equipment acquired with a grant from the National Science Foundation last fall.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Big catch—Oswego meteorology professor Scott Steiger and his class observed a “monster tornado” this summer.

(Posted: Jun 12, 2009)

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