Institute offers software training for local businesses

Seeing a continuing need for software training in the business community, SUNY Oswego’s Institute for Professional and Organizational Development has formed a partnership with local computer instructors.

The partnership aims to help people fine-tune their computer skills based on specific needs and job functions. Training can take place in the institute’s computer lab at the Oswego State Education Center in Phoenix or right at a person’s desk, day or evening.

“People want to learn certain aspects of a software program that will help them become more proficient and less frustrated while completing specific assignments and projects at work,” said Donna Besaw, assistant director of the college’s Division of Continuing Education.  “They need someone to fill in the gaps between what they already know and what they need to know. In addition, they want to select a time and location that is personally convenient.”

During a minimum of three to four hours, a computer instructor can assist one individual or several by answering questions, identifying shortcuts and demonstrating efficient methods to tap into all the features of any Microsoft product or industry-specific software program in a customized, hands-on training session. Program organizers predict individuals will immediately increase their confidence and proficiency by using actual work-related data and assignments.

The SUNY Oswego Institute for Professional and Organizational Development is dedicated to partnering with business, government and non-profit organizations to develop and deliver customized employee training based on current and future business needs. Its mission, “Your Success Is Our Business,” focuses on bottom-line results.

For more information on how to secure the assistance of a software expert, call 312-6430 or visit

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(Posted: Jul 25, 2005)