RSVP invites walkers to join clubs across Oswego County

SUNY Oswego’s RSVP is forming walking clubs throughout Oswego County for mature adults of all fitness levels.

Priscilla Walts of SUNY Oswego's RSVP enjoys the Great Bear Springs Walk.Dubbed “the RSVP Retreads,” the groups seek people who want to walk together while adding strength, enhancing balance and having fun in the company of peers.

“Walking, one of the first things we have ever learned to do, may be one of the easiest exercises you can do to improve your health,” said Barbara Bushman, health professor at Missouri State University. “It will help you maintain your independence and ability to do daily tasks as you age.”

Cindy Sagon, health and nutrition writer for the AARP Bulletin, recently wrote, “Walking regularly can help protect the aging brain against memory loss and dementia, help cut the risk of heart disease and reduce the chance of developing diabetes.”

RSVP this year surveyed older-adult exercise groups in Oswego County. Of 177 people completing the surveys, 49 said they would be interested in joining a walking club. Most wanted to walk once or twice a week, one to two miles at a time.

Ideally, RSVP said, each community would have at least one group of people willing to walk on a routine basis. The clubs can accommodate everyone from 10-minute walkers seeking to improve their endurance to those who want to explore different sites in Oswego County.

For the Mexico area, contact Marge Flood at 963-3506; in Palermo and Volney, call Rachel Brooks at 963-1069; and for the town of Oswego, contact Anne Knutson at 342-7409. Other interested walkers should contact RSVP at 312-2317 or

RSVP of Oswego County, headquartered in Room 103 of Rich Hall at SUNY Oswego, is co-sponsored by the college and the United Way. Nationally, RSVP is a Senior Corps initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

PHOTO CAPTION: Nature walk—Volunteer Priscilla Walts of SUNY Oswego’s RSVP enjoys the Great Bear Springs Walk in May. RSVP has formed several walking clubs for retired adults or those nearing retirement, and aims to form more around the county.

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(Posted: Jul 19, 2012)

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