Reunion 2010 one to remember

More than 1,200 SUNY Oswego alumni accepted the invitation to “Come Remember” at Reunion 2010 June 10 to 13.

Members of the class of 1965 celebrate their 45th anniversary. All classes and numerous groups converged on campus to celebrate milestone anniversaries, meet longtime friends and reminisce during the memories-themed weekend.

“I came back because I wanted to see all the beautiful new buildings and changes on campus,” said 2000 graduate Tom Hanford, a former Student Association member and Oswegonian staffer. “We were still watching the Lakers in Romney back then.

“It was cold, I think the (Campus Center) is a little warmer,” he laughed while attending the Picnic on the Lake Saturday behind Lakeside Dining. “You felt like you were right on the ice ... As weird as it sounds, it was an intimate place to watch the hockey game.”

Some alumni brought physical relics from their days on campus. Arlene Madalena Weyer brought gallon Zip-Lock bags full of pieces from her past, including men’s basketball programs, sock hop tickets and her driver’s education guide, to the Class of 1960 Tea and Remembrance Ceremony Friday at Shady Shore. Andrew Francello, class of 1988, was proud to sport his vintage Scales Hall T-shirt branded with his nickname, “Quincy.”

Ted Rosen didn’t wear a special vest from a 1970 piano recital he performed, but he did tote the token around with him. A female friend made the green vest for him and it was a fond memory for Rosen.

“It’s been in my college memorabilia box for a good 40 years.” the 1970 graduate said. “This is my first Reunion and I couldn’t resist bringing it around.”

The weekend included more than 50 events on campus and in town. A sampling of photos can be seen below in a Flickr slideshow, with some available at the Oswego Alumni Association website and more complete galleries to follow later this month.


PHOTO CAPTION: Fond memories—Members of the class of 1965 celebrate their 45th anniversary.

(Posted: Jun 13, 2010)

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