College angles top-10 placement

SUNY Oswego has been named one of the top-10 fly-fishing colleges by the editors of Fly Rod & Reel magazine.

The article, appearing in the July issue of Fly Rod & Reel, chose 10 colleges and universities from across North America that possess excellent fly-fishing opportunities near campus.

Oswego ranks No. 4 on the list that also includes Dartmouth College (No. 6), Oswego’s sister SUNY campus at Plattsburgh (No. 9), and colleges in Montana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and Florida. Honorable mention went to schools in Washington, Alaska, Colorado and British Columbia.

The light-hearted list is designed to help angling-minded students and their like-minded parents find a school where casting to rising fish between classes is a real possibility, according to the magazine.

“OK, maybe this is not as important as, say, the student-to-faculty ratio or the ever-important financial aid program, but I think there’s plenty of kids and parents out there to whom fishing is an important factor,” writes the Fly Rod & Reel’s W. D. Wetherell, who made the picks.

For the record, SUNY Oswego’s student-faculty ratio is 18.6 to one, and the public college on the shores of Lake Ontario awards over $2.5 million in merit scholarship money in addition to the more than $60 million in need-based grants, loans and work-study awards that Oswego students receive annually.

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(Posted: Jun 14, 2005)