2008-09 Honor Roll Now Online

Honor Roll at oswego.edu/givingThanks to 7,771 alumni, faculty and staff, parents and friends of SUNY Oswego, the Fund for Oswego raised $3,053,356 from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009.

These donors to the Fund for Oswego, who are making an immediate and positive impact on the lives of students, are recognized in The Oswego Story: 2008-2009 Honor Roll, which now appears online.

“Your philanthropy has a profound impact on the lives of our students and faculty,” said college President Deborah F. Stanley in expressing the college’s gratitude toward donors. “Thank you for your continued confidence in Oswego and for your generous support!”

In a continuing effort to responsibly steward donations to the college and the planet’s natural resources, the Oswego College Foundation has moved from a printed honor roll of donors to an online listing. This switch will save $7,132 in printing and design costs, $2,128 in postage and approximately 80 hours of staff time—all resources which can be put to better use enhancing the SUNY Oswego educational experience for students and faculty.

These savings mean more books for the library, more computer equipment in labs and more support for cutting-edge academic programs that will better position Oswego’s students to compete in the current tough job market.

In addition, by not printing 7,500 copies of the 40-page honor roll, the college is saving precious trees, water and fuel, not to mention additional carbon savings from not transporting and mailing the copies to donors’ homes.

A significant factor in the move to an online honor roll was to protect donors’ privacy. A Google search of any individual’s name will not link to the donor listing.


(Posted: Jan 14, 2010)

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