Institute celebrates 10th anniversary, acknowledges partnerships

imageThe Oswego State Education Center in Phoenix celebrated its 10th anniversary April 13 with a ceremony attended by members of the community, business and government leaders, college faculty and staff. 

Awards were presented to L. Michael Treadwell, executive director of Operation Oswego County, and Frances Lanigan, Oswego County commissioner of social services.

Yvonne Petrella, SUNY Oswego’s director of continuing education, welcomed guests and introduced college President Deborah F. Stanley, who acknowledged the success of the institute and presented the awards. Treadwell received a Community Partnership Award, and Lanigan was presented with a Contract Partnership Award.

The Oswego State Education Center began in 1995 with the concept of making education more accessible to the community and to recognize education’s role in the economic development of the region.

Under Treadwell’s leadership, members of the Operation Oswego County board collaborated with key administrators from SUNY Oswego to take the concept and paper sketches for the Oswego State Education Center and transform it into a vibrant facility. Treadwell attributed the economic growth and vitality of area businesses directly to the continuing education opportunities available at the institute.

During its 10 years of operation, more than 500 undergraduate and graduate courses have been offered at the Phoenix facility. In addition, more than 12,000 people from the region have participated in professional development classes, including American Management Association certificate programs and computer training. Over the past two years, 73 businesses sponsored their employees in open enrollment classes.

Commissioner Lanigan recognized the important role continuing education has had in the ongoing professional development of Oswego County Social Services employees during the past 10 years. A contractual partnership between the department and the institute provides customized training programs geared specifically for the challenges social service workers face on a daily basis when providing a multitude of community services to the public.

The training, which is funded by local and state grants, has allowed employees the ability to handle additional responsibilities during fiscally constrained times and to learn new methods of relating to clients.

In 2002, the center became home to the Institute for Professional and Organizational Development and established a motto, “Your Success Is Our Business.” The institute is dedicated to partnering with business, government and nonprofit organizations to develop and deliver customized employee training and open-enrollment classes based on current and future business needs.

In the past year, the institute conducted 19 customized programs for corporate clients, enrolling nearly 400 employees.

For more information about the Institute for Professional and Organizational Development, visit or call 312-6430.

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(Posted: Apr 15, 2005)