Student dining fundraiser feeds worthy causes

SUNY Oswego students donate $2,179 to Parents of Special Children, part of the proceeds from the fall 2013 Miss-a-Meal fundraiser in campus dining halls.

Donations made to Parents of Special ChildrenFrom left are Craig Traub, director of campus dining services; Marie Smith, program coordinator for Parents of Special Children in Fulton; and SUNY Oswego students Renee Ricketts, a Student Association senator from Cayuga Hall, and Anthony Smith, Student Association vice president. The American Red Cross Superstorm Sandy relief efforts received $3,268 from the Nov. 15 student sacrifice of a dining hall meal. The once-a-semester Miss-a-Meal tradition at SUNY Oswego dates back more than half a century, benefiting selected charitable organizations each time. (SUNY Oswego photo by Jim Russell)

(Posted: Feb 06, 2013)