Psychology professor attains distinguished rank

imageThe State University board of trustees recently approved the promotion of Dr. Jacqueline Reihman of SUNY Oswego’s psychology department to distinguished teaching professor, a rank above full professor.

Reihman’s students at Oswego acclaim her ability to transform behavioral statistics from, as students said, “dull, tedious” and intimidating “into an intriguing subject,” “fascinating and challenging.” But her contributions to her students, colleagues, college and discipline are deeper and wider ranging.

She has inspired students’ life paths. “She became a life-changing mentor for me,” said one. “She is truly one of those people who touched my life and inspired a thirst for life-long learning, leading me into a career that I find fascinating and rewarding.”

In their teaching evaluations, students consistently rank her as one of their best teachers at Oswego, said her colleague in psychology Dr. Brooks Gump. “On a scale of 1 to 5, her overall student evaluations have ranged between 4.7 and 4.9 every semester,” he said.

Since joining Oswego’s faculty in 1981, in addition to her courses, Reihman has advised about 30 students a year, supervised 37 internships and served on 32 honors thesis committees.

Students attest to her generosity with time and attention—she “spent hours working with me by phone so I would be able to keep up,” said one student out with an injury—but her contact with students is just part of her responsibilities at Oswego.

She has played a central role in $7 million worth of externally funded research through the Oswego Newborn and Infant Development Project, which is “known around the world,” said Dr. Thomas Darvill, department chair.

Other campus programs have tapped into Reihman’s skill at assessment. “Her work in the assessment of the SUNY Oswego Honors Program has both strengthened our program and served as a model for honors programs across the country,” said Dr. Robert Moore, assistant director of the program.

Newer members of the psychology department credit her with supporting their own development as teachers and scholars. “Dr. Reihman has been a wonderful mentor to me as a junior faculty member,” said Dr. Leigh Bacher. “I have never met a colleague with such a generous commitment and dedication to my professional development,” said Dr. Paul Stewart.

Reihman has received several awards honoring her variety of achievements. Her outstanding teaching was recognized in 1989 with a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her substantial research contributions were honored with awards at both the campus and SUNY system levels.

Reihman earned her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1978 and taught at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse before coming to Oswego.

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(Posted: Apr 20, 2005)