Filmmakers to discuss 'Crooked Arrows' after screening on campus

The director, co-producer, writer and an actor from “Crooked Arrows” will attend SUNY Oswego’s free screening of the recent theatrical film at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, at Hewitt Union ballroom.

Scene from Crooked Arrows filmDirector Steve Rash, co-producer Ernie Stevens and actor Tyler Hill all will join writer Brad Riddell, a former SUNY Oswego cinema and screen studies faculty member, in a question-and-answer session after the screening of “Crooked Arrows,” which tells the story of mixed-blood Native American Joe Logan (played by Brandon Routh).

To show he is worthy of expanding the reservation’s casino, Logan must prove himself to his father, a traditionalist tribal chairman. His father will grant Logan’s request if he agrees to coach the reservation’s struggling high school lacrosse team.

After Logan reluctantly accepts, he’s lost until he finds that the answer to gaining the team’s respect lies deep in the traditional cultural heritage of the sport.

“Crooked Arrows” aims to introduce a new generation to lacrosse as it honors the sport’s tradition, showing authentic action sequences and representations of Native American culture. All of the young team members in the film are experienced lacrosse players, most from the Onondaga, Tuscarora and Mohawk nations.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Honoring traditions—Joe Logan (actor Brandon Routh), right, coaches Jimmy Silverfoot (Tyler Hill, a Central New York lacrosse player and member of the Mohawk Nation) in the film “Crooked Arrows,” screening for free at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, at SUNY Oswego’s Hewitt Union ballroom, followed by a question-and-answer session with filmmakers and Hill.

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(Posted: Oct 03, 2012)

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