Nationally known expert on prevention of falls to train RSVP instructors

SUNY Oswego’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program will hold a falls-prevention workshop Tuesday, Oct. 2, for volunteers interested in providing instruction for a better-balance exercise regimen.

Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter, a national expert on prevention of falls, will conduct the six-hour train-the-trainer session at First United Methodist Church, 5306 Church St. in Mexico.

Prerequisite for the training is a background in physical education or experience with senior fitness and exercise. Class size is limited and registration should be made by Tuesday, Sept. 25, by contacting 312-2317 or

Perkins-Carpenter has made a career of teaching people to stay physically fit, safe and secure in their daily activities. Author of “How to Prevent Falls: Better Balance, Independence and Energy in 6 Simple Steps,” Perkins-Carpenter focuses on helping older adults maintain and reclaim their balance through a series of fun and easy-to-do activities. She teaches her Six-Step Balance System to health care professionals, adult caregivers and interested older adults.

In the train-the-trainer course, RSVP volunteers will learn each of the steps and associated activities: exercises for stretching in bed, balance, ball handling, walking, talking on the phone, “The Slump” and “Dancing with a Pillow.” Once trained, instructors will receive follow-up from RSVP to hear about their success stories and any needed help.

RSVP is a federal initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service, locally sponsored by SUNY Oswego and the United Way. RSVP enables people ages 55 and older to remain productive and to help themselves by helping others.

In Oswego County, RSVP offers Mature Living, a bimonthly newsletter with information and news that is both national and local in scope. For more information, contact RSVP at 312-2317 or

(Posted: Sep 14, 2012)

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