Art institute designed July 17 to 30

imageHigh school students will have an opportunity to explore, expand and experiment with their artistic abilities at the upcoming Summer Art Institute, which will run July 17 to 30.

Participants, who can be rising sophomores to seniors, will create in three studio classes chosen from among five options: 3-D design, digital photography, drawing, graphic design and painting. Each studio class meets for three hours per day during the institute.

One benefit for young artists will be the ability to assemble a portfolio for the college application process, said Kelly Roe of SUNY Oswego’s art faculty and the institute’s coordinator. “We’ve included portfolio development in all of the studios, plus we do a workshop at the very end that shows them how to do their portfolios,” Roe said.

Those completing the immersive Summer Art Institute will receive three college credits applicable at SUNY Oswego or transferable to most other undergraduate college or university programs, she added.

The residential program is designed to be inclusive of many levels, from experienced to novices, with an emphasis on trying new paths as well as honing abilities. “We do encourage students to do something they haven’t done in high school,” Roe noted.

A weekend trip to Ottawa, to gain a more global appreciation of art, represents one of the program highlights. Participants will see a variety of exhibitions, from the National Gallery of Canada to smaller studios and museums around the city.

The institute will culminate with participant work exhibited at Tyler Art Gallery on campus July 30. There will be a reception for the young artists, with friends, family, faculty and the community invited.

SUNY Oswego’s Office of Continuing Education and art department coordinate the program, which attracts aspiring artists from around New York state and as far away as California, Arizona and New Mexico.

The institute has a rolling deadline. Students may apply for partial, need-based scholarships.

For more information on the SUNY Oswego Summer Art Institute, visit or call the college’s Office of Continuing Education at 312-2270.

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(Posted: Jun 08, 2005)