SUNY Oswego student artists visit China on break

Roxanne Jackson of SUNY Oswego’s art faculty led her class on Chinese ceramic art to China during the college’s recent spring break.

Art student posing among Chinese ceramicsThe group is pictured with reproductions of some of the thousands of terra cotta warriors buried in 210 B.C. with Qin Shihuangdi, the first emperor of a unified China, at the tomb complex near Xi’an in western China. Front from left are Jeremy Blackburn, Lu Tong, Brittany McCann, Caroline Hayward and Jackson; back from left are Amanda Mainville, Sarah Lisuzzo, Michael Korine and Desirae Collins. Jackson, an artist who exhibits her own work nationally and internationally, did a residency last year in Jingdezhen, China.

(Posted: Mar 29, 2013)

Tags: world awareness, study abroad, china, art