Oswego hosting four Chinese students as part of SUNY initiative

earthquake ruinsFour college students from the earthquake- ravaged region of China have arrived at SUNY Oswego under a New York humanitarian initiative bringing a total of 150 Chinese students to State University campuses for 2008-09.

“We are delighted to take part in this initiative by Gov. David Paterson and the State University which ties in so well to our mission and our desire to work for solutions to the challenges of our time,” said SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley.

The four undergraduates, ranging in age from 20 to 22, will be able to continue their studies while their home universities rebuild in the Sichuan Province of western China.

The two men and two women come from China’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan University, Sichuan Agricultural University and Xihua University. They have committed to return home next summer to help restore the economy and infrastructure that the May earthquake crippled.

At Oswego, they will reside in Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Center, where many international students and students interested in global issues live in the heart of campus.

“We hope to provide a welcoming and nurturing academic and cultural experience to these students who have so recently experienced such devastation, and we look forward to the contributions they can make as guests in our college community,” Stanley said.

The initiative is supported by a SUNY philanthropic drive. The Chinese students were selected for this program through a careful review of their academic performance and assessment of their English language skills by a team of eight English language teachers in China.

SUNY Oswego has longstanding relationships in China and expanded them in recent years to include exchange agreements with seven Chinese universities in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wenzhou and Wuhan.

For more information on the SUNY-wide initiative, see http://www.suny.edu/sunynews/.

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(Posted: Jul 31, 2008)

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