Program promotes understanding of Islam

Yusha EvansIn “Understanding Islam,” three representatives of that faith will speak at 7 p.m. April 24 in Room 105 of Lanigan Hall at SUNY Oswego. President Deborah F. Stanley issued the following statement Monday.


“I have written to our campus community several times this year to comment on the responsibility we each have to assure that our campus is a place of civility and respect for every individual.  To help us undertake that charge and as a community that seeks to provide an environment to nurture learning and development, it is important that we avail ourselves of opportunities to gain new insights and knowledge that can lead us to greater understanding.  In support of members of our community, you may wish to attend ‘Understanding Islam,’ a program offered this Thursday by the Muslim Student Association. Thank you.”


Abraham Alshawish, president of the association, said that the guest speakers will address the stereotypes and misconceptions regarding Islam and explain the beliefs of the religion that is the fastest growing in America.

Speaking will be former Christian scholar Yusha (Joshua) Evans, who will talk about why he converted to Islam; Mutah Beale, formerly known as Napoleon in Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz, who will talk about why Islam has been so influential within the African-American community; and an imam, an expert in Islam and the Quran, who will talk about what Islam has to say about such controversial topics as terrorism, women’s rights and the hijab (head scarf).

The program is partially funded through the Student Association fee.

For more information, call Alshawish at 917-502-7599.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Featured speaker—Yusha (Joshua) Evans, a convert to Islam, will be among the speakers in a student-organized program about Islam at SUNY Oswego on April 24.


(Posted: Apr 15, 2008)