Student science conference coming April 18

The Northeast Student Sigma Xi Poster Conference will take place from 9:15 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 18, in Sheldon Hall’s ballroom.

After the conference luncheon, Nicholas P. Bigelow of the University of Rochester will speak on “The Quantum Identity Crisis: Bose-Condensation and Beyond” at 1:30 p.m. His topic concerns recent discoveries about light, which functions as both a particle and as a wave. Research now indicates that particles behave as waves at temperatures approaching absolute zero.

This will be the first time the regional Sigma Xi conference is held at SUNY Oswego, after three years at Cornell University, said Kestas Bendinskas, an officer of the Oswego chapter of the science research society and a member of Oswego’s chemistry faculty.

“We have more than a hundred participants coming to Oswego including the national director of Sigma Xi, Jerry Baker,” said Ampalavanar Nanthakumar, president of the Oswego chapter of Sigma Xi and a member of Oswego’s mathematics faculty.

They represent a dozen or more Northeastern universities, including Cornell, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Albany and Fairfield University in Connecticut. “The posters cover presentations from all disciplines in the sciences,” Nanthakumar said.

Oswego’s technology students under the direction of faculty member Dan Tryon have built the 70 poster easels for this year’s conference, Bendinskas noted.

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(Posted: Apr 08, 2009)