Biology professor honored for advisement

imageDr. B. Diane Chepko-Sade, assistant professor of biology at SUNY Oswego, has received this year’s President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement.

Students nominate their advisers for the award, which aims to honor “wise and trusted counselors who aid students in the formation and development of their academic and life goals,” according to the nomination form.

Chepko-Sade advises 65 Oswego students this year and four at Santa Fe Community College in Florida, which cooperates with Oswego on the zoo technology program.

“Sometimes I forget that she has so many other advisees to deal with because she seems to spend all of her time helping me!” wrote Jessica Cullen in nominating Chepko-Sade for the honor. “It is because of her that I have really grown as a student, a researcher and a scientist.”

She advises in the First-Year Advisement Program and participates in freshman Orientation each year. “Dr. Chepko-Sade really nurtures freshmen,” wrote Heather Kozuba. She “found my strengths and supported/guided me toward my goals and interests.”

The professor has sponsored 150 internships since 1995 and also sponsors independent study projects and Quest presentations. “She is devoted to helping her students beyond the realm of college classes, and into the real world of research and internships,” Cullen wrote.

Chepko-Sade said she tailors her advice to fit each student’s goals, accommodating their unique interests and talents. Sharon Parker, a 2002 honors graduate in zoology and French who took a year off to go to France, wrote of her adviser’s patience and flexibility. “I never did things the easy way or the traditional way, and my advisement was certainly not a simple task,” she wrote. “Dr. Chepko-Sade was always able to adapt my continually changing plans and help me make them happen.”

For more information on Oswego professors who earned awards this spring, visit the Faculty Achievers page.

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(Posted: May 04, 2005)