Event to feature rescued primates at SUNY Oswego April 12

SUNY Oswego’s Biology Club will host a talk and live primate demonstration by Carmen Presti of the Primate Sanctuary at 7 p.m. Monday, April 12, in the Campus Center arena.

Carmen Presti with Diana.For the event, free and open to the public, Presti is slated to bring five live animals from his Niagara Falls nonprofit sanctuary for educational programming. While the lineup of his menagerie may change depending on the health of his animals, he is scheduled to bring a Japanese macaque, a cotton-top tamarin, a tufted-ear marmoset, a weeper capuchin monkey, a black and white capuchin monkey and a rhesus macaque.

“We’re excited at this opportunity to give students and residents of Oswego an up-close look at some rare and endangered animals,” said Lindsay Norton, president of Oswego’s Biology Club, which is funded by the college’s Student Association. “We hope to continue to generate the same enthusiasm and love for animals that we saw last year when we brought Jarod Miller back to campus. This event will be on par with that one, and we hope to do something like this year after year with the continued support of SA.”

The event featuring Miller, a SUNY Oswego alumnus and host of several animal-related TV shows, brought a sizable crowd to the Campus Center.

Presti is best known as the caretaker and trainer of Charlie the Karate Chimp, a 25-year-old, 200-pound chimpanzee who holds an official certification in American Karate and an honorary black belt in Tang Soo Do. The Primate Sanctuary is also home to another chimpanzee, Kiko, who is deaf—although these two primates are not scheduled to come to Oswego.

The Primate Sanctuary is a home and refuge for formerly abused, used and unwanted primates. Their residents include ex-pets, former research animals, and animals the entertainment industry no longer wants. The goal of the sanctuary is to provide quality care and a stress-free living environment in which these animals can live out the rest of their lives. The Primate Sanctuary does not sell or breed animals.

For additional information, contact Anthony Hartman at ahartman@oswego.edu or (716) 799-4841.

PHOTO CAPTION: Primate visit—Carmen Presti and Diana, a Japanese macaque, are scheduled to visit the SUNY Oswego Campus Center arena at 7 p.m. Monday, April 12. Presti runs the Primate Sanctuary in Niagara Falls, a nonprofit organization that provides care and shelter for formerly abused or unwanted primates. Otherwise healthy, Diana suffers from a permanent injury caused by her previous owner, who kept her in a jumpsuit with no hole for her tail. Sponsored by the college’s Biology Club, the event is free and open to the public.

(Posted: Apr 01, 2010)