SUNY Oswego president commends action on tuition plan

SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley today (Nov. 18) commended the State University board of trustees for following through on the rational tuition plan the board approved last year.

On Tuesday, the board called for a modest $100 tuition increase for fall 2010 in line with the Higher Education Price Index for public colleges, which is 2 percent this year. This additional funding would help baccalaureate and doctorate-granting campuses, including Oswego, to support state-mandated costs and inflation in 2010-11.

The rational tuition policy calls for SUNY to increase tuition levels each year by an amount equal to the Higher Education Price Index, rather than the long practice in New York state of freezing tuition for years, then enacting steep hikes on the order of 25 percent or more.

“At a proposed $5,070 next year, SUNY’s tuition for resident undergraduates would remain a great value,” she said, “below the national average for even the current year.” SUNY’s proposal also provides for financial assistance to students who cannot bear the burden of additional tuition, she noted.

This year, SUNY campuses would retain all of the revenue generated by the tuition increase, in marked contrast to last year’s midyear 6.6 percent tuition increase, where 90 percent of the revenue went into the state’s general fund and not toward students’ education.

“To assure a world-class public university to the citizens of New York—one that advances the goals and dreams of individuals, but also invigorates our economy and lifts the quality of life for all of us—SUNY needs adequate revenues from both students and taxpayers,” Stanley said. “The trustees’ tuition proposal addresses the students’ share in a way that is fair to students while also allowing the university to continue to provide them an excellent education.”

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(Posted: Nov 18, 2009)