Gallery to host contemporary paper art exhibition

vase in exhibition“Paper Cuts: The Art of Contemporary Paper,” an exhibition opening Monday, Oct. 23, at SUNY Oswego’s Tyler Art Gallery, explores paper’s versatility as an art form.

Paper is a material often taken for granted, Mindy Ostrow of Tyler Art Gallery said. “Paper is transient and enduring, delicate and strong,”.Ostrow explained. “It can act as a filter or as a barrier. There is virtually no limit to what paper can do and how it can be manipulated.”

This exhibition illustrates the reasons for the resurgent popularity of papermaking and paper-based art over the past 20 years. Artists use paper in innovative and exciting ways to create everything from utilitarian objects, such as handmade stationery, to fine-art sculptures, Ostrow said.

“Paper Cuts: The Art of Contemporary Paper” consists of 38 objects made with paper by 26 American artists. Although all the artists incorporate paper into their artwork, they employ a wide range of techniques and styles, including mixed-media assemblages, three-dimensional collage and papier-mache techniques.

Many artists in the exhibition explore paper’s ability to be transformed from the flat to the voluminous, as well as the range of texture and the organic nature of paper.

Exhibitions and programs presented by Tyler Art Gallery are free and open to the public. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays and 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. weekends. The exhibition will be on view through Sunday, Nov. 19. 

Visitors with disabilities, needing assistance to attend Tyler Art Gallery events, may call the gallery office in advance at 312-2113.

Paper Cuts is curated and organized by Robert Cugno and Robert Logan of the Media Gallery in Garnett, Kan. The exhibition is toured by ExhibitsUSA. The purpose of ExhibitsUSA is to create access to an array of arts and humanities exhibitions, nurture the development and understanding of diverse art forms and cultures, and encourage the expanding depth and breadth of cultural life in local communities. ExhibitsUSA is a national division of Mid-America Arts Alliance, a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1972.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Artistic paper—Tyler Art Gallery will showcase paper’s versatility as an art form when “Paper Cuts: The Art of Contemporary Paper” runs from Oct. 23 to Nov. 19. Shown is Patti Quinn Hill’s “The Glow from Within” (2003), made of cotton archival paper, acrylic paint and metallic thread.

(Posted: Oct 11, 2006)