Prospective students, families attending Open House April 7

campus tourTheir classes may not start until fall or later, but for many prospective students the Oswego experience begins with the spring Open House.

The college Admissions Office expects some 400 potential future freshmen and transfers to visit campus with their families for the 31st annual event April 7. The open classes, special presentations and tours are a great introduction or reinforcement for prospects, said coordinator Katie Maxwell.

The Open House visit to campus is also key in making that final decision about college, which several high schoolers will be pondering when they come to Oswego April 7. The Open House will be about one month from the deposit deadline for incoming students.

“It’s just so important to validate what you’re thinking in your mind,” Maxwell said, referring to the significance of the spring Open House. “I think it’s still a pretty good indicator of where you want to be.”

Professors will open more than 50 morning and afternoon classes to visitors with some offering special presentations throughout the day. Walking and bus tours will also be available.

This year’s Open House will also make use of the recently completed Campus Center, where a number of student clubs and organizations will set up information tables in the arena. In the past, organizers had to limit the number of clubs participating due to tighter space at Hewitt Union.

“It’s exciting that not only will we have more (clubs), but that we’ll be able to have them in one convenient location,” Maxwell said.

The Admissions Office also hosts Open House programs in October and November. Each event draws about 1,200 total visitors.

For more information, visit the Admissions Office’s tours page.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Hank Ward, a senior public justice major, leads an admissions tour through the Campus Center last month. April 7 will bring the sight of many tour groups as Oswego hosts its 31st annual Spring Open House.

(Posted: Mar 27, 2008)